Random Thoughts: Silliness buys into Brady benching

by Gary Shelton on February 11, 2018 · 0 comments

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Evidently, the wisdom of the New England Patriots isn't spreading. I see one comment on Sportstalk.com that suggests that if Jimmy Garoppolo had been at quarterback, the Patriots would have beaten the Eagles. Guys, Brady threw for more than 500 yards and three scores. Now, if Garoppolo had played cornerback, maybe.

-- Statements like that are the reason the world thinks of Boston fans as front-runners.

-- Who is the Bucs' backup quarterback? Most of us would guess Ryan Fitzpatrick, who won two of the team's five games this year. Maybe Ryan Griffin, who was pushing Fitzpatrick before being hurt and is younger. Want a wild card? How about Mike Glennon, who is on the verge of being cut by the Bears? The Bucs thought he had some potential, remember?

-- The Cubs keep dealing these $100 million contracts like a Vegas blackjack dealer. And don't you wish the Rays weren't sitting at the $2 table?

-- That said, I sure admire the work of Garoppolo's agent. When it's time to go to the bank, Jimmy G gets to stand in the same line as Brady.

-- Did you see where the Boston Herald reporter was hoodwinked by a fan who claimed he was Brady's agent and threatened a holdout? The shame is that it could happen to a lot of writers on deadline in days when newspapers have less people. Still, if he had called Don Yee's office, I think he would have caught on that he was being punked.

-- Charles Barkley thinks Iowa and Purdue are in the same state? Where did he go to school? Oh, yeah. Auburn. Where I did.

-- Tony Dungy has ripped Patriots' assistant Josh McDaniels for backing out of his contract with the Colts. On the other hand, if Bill Parcells hadn't done the same thing -- and he signed a contract -- then Dungy might never have gotten the Bucs job to begin with. Or Jon Gruden, for that matter.

-- Colts g.m. Chris Ballard says that "the rivalry is back on" after McDaniels spurned the Colts. My response is "the Colts are still in the league?"

-- The website 247sports.com says that defensive end Stacy Kirby will be one of the instant impact players next season as a freshman with the Bulls. Wonder if he can play quarterback?

-- Jim McElwain might join the Michigan staff? Do the Wolverines really need more runs up the middle on third-and-12?

-- If you're interested in guesswork, the throw-it-against-the-wall website Bleacher Report suggest the Bucs trade for Shaq Lawson, who has six sacks in two years. Also, the site suggests the Seahawks trade for Cameron Brate. Does it sound like the Bucs are chasing the Saints or the Browns?

-- Speaking of "what if" news, CBSsports.com has a trade for every team in the first round. They have the Bucs trading up to fourth to draft Bradley Chubb.

-- How many fingers would you break to see your team's victory parade. In Philadelphia, the number seems to be three. I don't blame him. A guy's gotta get a good view of the Ron Jaworski float.

-- I read where the Olympics could help to unify the Koreas. Great. Two countries with an obsession over Dennis Rodman.

-- Just an observation, but watching Justin Timberlake in the Super Bowl reminded me of watching Three Doors Down after a Rays game. "Please," I said. "Can someone help me move four doors down?"

-- Timberlake's performance reminded America of this: Up With People was busy.

-- Former Gator Shane Matthews is going to prison for healthcare fraud. The surprise is that Matthews didn't even play for Urban Meyer. You might say he was ahead of his time.

-- I'm not sure how other teams look at Josh McDaniels' spurning of the Colts. But I'm pretty sure of Denver's reaction: Envy.

-- When they carve Terrell Owen's bust for the Hall of Fame, do you think they will put it in a closet all by itself and away from the other busts?


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