Do you think you know Tampa Bay sports?

by Gary Shelton on February 12, 2018 · 2 comments

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Monday, 4 a.m.

Grab a No. 2 pencil. Keep your eyes on your paper. Now, commence:

1. Tampa Bay has a history of bad owners. Who is the worst, from 10-1 (10 being worst)?

a. Hugh Culverhouse                      f. Oren Koules-Len Barry

b. Kokusai Green                             g. The Glazer family

c. Art Williams.                                h. Stu Sternberg

d. Bill Davidson                               i. Jeff Vinik

e. Vince Naimoli

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2. Who makes the playoffs next? The Tampa Bay Rays or the Tampa Bay Bucs? Will a newborn be alive to see it?

3. Who wins next season's Florida-FSU game?

4. Number of victories by the Rays in 2018?

5. Number of victories by the Bucs in 2018?

6. How many rounds does the Lightning last in the NHL playoffs?

7. How many interceptions does Jameis Winston throw in 2018?

8. Who plays the most games at  third base for the Rays in 2018.

a. Matt Duffy                          b. Daniel Robertson

b. Ryan Schrimpf                 c. Christian Arroyo

9. In 2018, Doug Martin will run for:

a. More than 1000 yards                          c. Between 500 and 1,000 yards

b. Less than 500 yards                              d. Some team in the CFL

10. Who is the biggest draft bust of the Bucs? Put in order from worst on down.

a. Booker Reese                                   h. Trent Dilfer

b. Ron Holmes                                      i. Regan Upshaw

c. Bo Jackson                                         j. Michael Clayton

d. Vinny Testaverde                             k. Gaines Adams

e. Keith McCants                                  l. Josh Freeman

f. Charles McRae                                  m. Dexter Jackson

g. Eric Curry                                         n. Roberto Aguayo

11. The next Buc in the Hall of Fame will be:

a. John Lynch                                 c. Simeon Rice

b. Ronde Barber                            d. Learning to walk in 2018

12. The next Ray in the Hall of Fame will be:

1. Fred McGriff                           3. Joe Madden

2. Evan Longoria                       4. Buying a ticket

13. The next Lightning player to have their jersey number retired will be:

1. Dave Andreychuk                     3. Steven Stamkos

2. Nikolai Khabibulin                   4. Nikita Kucherov

14. How manly games in 2018 does Dirk Koetter have to win to keep his job?

1. Eight                                           3. Nine

2. Ten                                             4. At least one playoff game

15. Without Quinton Flowers, how many games does USF win in 2018.

1. Seven                                             3. Nine

2. Eight                                              4. Six

16. Who leads the Bucs in sacks in 2018?

1. Gerald McCoy, with six            3. A rookie, with seven

2. Noah Spence, with eight.        4. What's a sack?

17. If you could add one player from 2004 to the current Lightning, it would be:

a. Vinny Lecavalier                        3. Brad Richards

b. Marty St. Louis                       4. Pavel Kubina

18, Who is most likely to have their current job in 2019:

a. Dirk Koetter                            c. Jameis Winston

b. Kevin Cash                             d. Jason Licht

19. Where will the Rays play on opening day in 2023:

a. At the Trop site                    c. At Toytown

b. In Ybor City                          d. Montreal

20. Who is Jeff Vinik most likely to give a $50,000 grant:

a. Derrick Brooks                  c. Stu Sternberg

b. Warrick Dunn                   d. The Glazers

21. Which will be greater in 2019: The number of home runs that Steven Souza hits for the Rays, or the number that Chris Archer gives up?

22. How many games will the Rays lose in 2018?

a. 85.        c. 95

b. 90.        d. 100

23. Which problem are the Bucs least likely to fix in 2018?

a. The pass rush                           c. The running game

b. Pass coverage                          d. The offensive line

24. In 2018, the Bucs will draft ...

a. Bradley Chubb.                         c. Quenton Nelson

b. Marcus Davenport                  d. A trade-up to get a kicker

24. In 2018, the Bucs are likely to finish:

a. In the post-season                        c. By raising ticket prices

b. In the top 10 of the NFL draft.  d. In the Peach Bowl

25. Mike Evans next will:

a. Rebound with 100 catches.         c. Rebound with 1,200 yards

b. Rebound with 10 touchdowns    d. Get thrown out of a game

26. The next Bucs in the ring of honor will be:

a. Batman Woods                       3. Hardy Nickerson

b. James Wilder                         4. Ronde Barber

27. Rank the Heisman Trophy winners, in order.

a. Steve Spurrier.                                     e.Chris Weinke

b. Danny Wuerffel                                   f. Jameis Winston

c.  Tim Tebow                                           g. Vinny Testaverde

d. Charlie Ward                                       h. Gino Torretta

28. Rank the Rays' busts with their top pick, worst to first:

a. Paul Wilder.                         f. Levon Washington

b. Jason Standridge                g. Josh Sale

c. Dewan Brazelton                h. Taylor Guerreri

d. Delmon Young                    i. Casey Gillaspie

e. Jeff Nieman                         j. Nick Ciuffo

29. Rank the coaches of the Tampa Bay Bucs, best to worst.

a. John McKay                                       h. Jon Gruden

b. Leeman Bennett                               i. Raheem Morris

c. Ray Perkins                                        j. Greg Schiano

e. Richard Williamson                         k. Lovie Smith

f. Sam Wyche                                        l. Dirk Koetter

g. Tony Dungy

30. Rank the managers of the Tampa Bay Rays

a. Larry Rothschild                        d. Joe Madden

b. Hal McRae                                  e. Kevin Cash

c. Lou Piniella

31. Name the top 10 all-time players of the Lightning, in order:

a. Vinny Lecavalier.         f. Steven Stamkos

b. Marty St. Louis.           g. Victor Hedman

c. Dave Andreychuk.       h. Nikita Kucherov

d. Dan Boyle                     i. Andrei Vasilevskiy

e. Brad Richards             j. Roman Hamrlik

32. Name the top 10 all-time players of the Rays, in order:

a. Evan Longoria                    f. Alex Colome

b. David Price                         g. Ben Zobrist

c. James Shields                    h. Rocco Baldelli

d. Wade Boggs                       i. Fred McGriff

e. B.J. Upton                          j. Kevin Kiermaier

33. Name the top 10 all-time players of the Bucs, in order:

a. LeeRoy Selmon                        g. Doug Williams

b. Derrick Brooks                        h. James Wilder

c. Warren Sapp                            i. Hardy Nickerson

e. Ronde Barber                          j. Gerald McCoy

f. John Lynch                              k. Paul Gruber

34.Rank the stadiums, best to worst:

a. Houlihan's Stadium                d. Expo Hall

b. Raymond James                     e. The Trop (hockey)

c. Amalie Arena                           f, The Trop (baseball)

35. The best single play in Tampa Bay history was:

a. Ronde Barber's interception return to seal the NFC title game.

b. Marty St. Louis' Game Six goal to force game seven

c. Evan Logoria's homer to end Game 162.

d. David Price strikes out J.D. Drew with the bases loaded in the eighth inning Game 7 of the ALCS in 2008.

36. Worst players obtained by trade or in free agency

a. Anthony Collins, Bucs               f. Wil Myers, Rays

b. Marc Denis, Lightning              g. Jack Thompson, Bucs

c. Alvin Harper, Bucs                    h. Jose Canseco, Rays

d. John Rocker, Rays                    i. Dwight Gooden, Rays

e. Michael Johnson, Bucs.           k. Todd Steuessie, Bucs

37. Rank the general managers, first to worst.

a. Phil Kruger.              f. Eric Neander

b. Rich McKay             g. Phil Esposito

c. Bruce Allen              h. Jaxques Demers

d. Mark Dominik.       i. Rick Dudley

e. Jason Licht             j. Jay Feaster

f. Chuck LaMar          k. Brian Lawton

g. Andrew Friedman.  l. Tom Kurvers

h. Matt Silverman       m. Steve Yzerman

38. In the last two seasons, the Rays have struck out more than 3,000 times (1,482 times in 2016, 1,528 in 2017). What's the over-under for this season?

39. Who is the best color analyst in Tampa Bay

a. Brian Anderson, Rays

b.  Brian Engblom, Lightning

c. Dave Moore, Bucs

d. Mark Robinson, USF

40. Best leader (first to worst)

a. Lee Roy Selmon, Bucs                                      f. Hardy Nickerson, Bucs

b. Dave Andreychuk, Lightning                         g. Steven Stamkos, Lightning

c. Evan Longoria, Rays                                        h. James Shields, Rays

d. Derrick Brooks, Bucs                                      i. Victor Hedman, Lightning

e. Marty St. Louis, Lightning                            j. Ronde Barber, Bucs




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