Are sports leagues rushing their return?

June 28, 2020 general

Sunday, 4 a.m. You love football. You love the blend of speed and strength, of finesse and flair. You like watching the game-within-a-game of a defensive end trying to beat an offensive tackle, of a running back in the open field against a safety. But if it were your sport, if you were in charge, […]

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Tom vs. Time: An athlete fights the years

June 21, 2020 general

Sunday, 4 a.m. Every day, we fight the clock. Every day, we look for hair that has turned gray, or for another wrinkle, or for another spot on our arms. Time is a sneaky thing, and as they say, it is undefeated. Sometimes, it seems a player goes from being too young to being over […]

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Once again, the world discusses Kaepernick

June 14, 2020 general

Sunday, 4 a.m. Al Sharpton is talking about Colin Kaepernick. He wants him to get his job back. Pete Carroll is talking about Kaepernick. He said some teams have called him to gauge interest. Doug Williams is talking about Kaepernick, if only to explain why the Redskins haven’t been talking about Kaepernick. And so it […]

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Has anyone lost more than Tampa Bay’s fans?

May 31, 2020 general

Sunday, 4 a.m. Everywhere, there is hope. The baseball season was supposed to be in its infancy. The hockey season is supposed to be in the middle of the playoffs. The football season has reloaded. And still, we wait. But who has lost more momentum than Tampa Bay? Content beyond this point is for members […]

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Who was more important: Brady or Belichick?

May 24, 2020 general

Was it Jimmy, or was it Jerry? Was it Joe Cool, or was it Bill? Was it Tony, or was it Jon? As a nation, we seem to hate this notion of shared glory. Save it for Starsky and Hutch. We look at success from this way and that, from over and under, and the […]

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Rank the biggest Bucs’ bust of them all

May 21, 2020 general

The NFL draft is less than a month old, and still, you are looking for new adjectives for the world “wonderful.” Also, “terrific.” And “game-changing.” Around here, that’s the way it goes. After the latest NFL draft, the Bucs’ front office slaps itself on the back, and the critics drool, and the fans prepare for […]

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Random thoughts: Did Bucs lose to keep on losing?

May 17, 2020 general

Sean Payton, the Saints’ coach, says he thinks the Bucs’ intentionally lost to his team in 2014 to ensure the draft pick of Jameis Winston. I believe it, too. Of course, after 28 wins in five years, what further punishment would you give them? — The thing is, I’ve been told by someone who was […]

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Bucs have had their share of disappointments

May 14, 2020 general

Was Jameis Winston a bust? He threw a lot of interceptions. He fumbled a lot. He lost too often. He could be such a comedy of errors that the Bucs washed their hands of him. But was he a bust? Was he in the grand measure another Jamarcus Russell or Andre Ware? Was he as […]

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What equals success for the Tampa Bay Bucs?

May 10, 2020 general

Sunday, 4 a.m. You loved their free agent period. You liked their draft. You look at their schedule and, despite some tough games, you are not overwhelmed. Now is the time you have to decide. What, in your mind, constitutes a disappointment for the Tampa Bay Bucs? Content beyond this point is for members only. […]

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Analyzing the upcoming Bucs’ schedule

May 8, 2020 general

Friday, 4 a.m. It starts with the Geezer Bowl, with last year’s man-to-blame on the sidelines watching. Along the way, there are five prime time games. There is a game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Jon Gruden is waiting. And can you wait to see it? The schedule for the Tampa Bay Bucs was released […]

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