Testimonial Tuesday: Talking Gary Shelton

by Gary Shelton on March 10, 2015 · 0 comments

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No wonder Gary Shelton was twice named the country’s best sports columnist. Few writers have ever brought such a combination of passion, grace, courage, laughter and outrage to their words. Fans of Florida’s sports teams have been going to Gary for years to get honest insight and unique reporting untarnished by self-interest. I bought my subscription to GarySheltonsports.com. Isn’t it time you did too?

 Les Carpenter, Former writer, Washington Post, Yahoo.


For years, if I wonder if I wrote the right column in the right way, I look to see what Gary wrote. Or I call him for advice beforehand. Like Don Shula and Vince Lombardi, he's twice won the biggest award in the column writing business.

David Hyde
Columnist, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel


Gary Shelton is one of the best sports columnists and columnists in America for reasons that go beyond his writing touch. He cares. He is a terrific interviewer. He understands the fundamental truth that eludes so many sportswriters. That this is about people first, not games. He also is a master of the change of gears, the idea that great columnists, like pitchers on a mound, need different speeds. You cannot be sure if what you read from Gary will fill you with emotion or make you smile. You can be sure you'll look forward to what he's writing next.

Greg Cote, Columnist, Miami Herald


Gary Shelton is one of this country's best sports columnists, always irreverent, never irrelevant. Whenever I need to smile or thing twice about an issue in Florida -- or anywhere, for that matter -- I call up his webpage and start clicking. Shelton knows his stuff and were lucky to have him. There's no substitute for experience and wit.

-- Filip Bondy, Columnist, New York Daily News

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