Random thoughts: Wishing Yzerman farewell.

by Gary Shelton on April 21, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 3 a.m.

This is how they felt in College Station back in 1957 when Bear went back home. This is how they felt at Duke in 1990 when Steve Spurrier went home to Florida. Stevie Y has taken his puck and gone home, because he likes it there better than he likes it here.

-- And that's how embarrassing the loss to Columbus was.

-- I guess Logan Morrison was right when he said Yankee fans were stupid. I mean, the team signed him, didn't it?

-- Does anyone else think that Jon Gruden has read too mamy Spy vs. Spy strips? Evidently, he doesn't trust his own scouts.

-- I'm sure Ryan Fitzpatrick wants to start for the Dolphins. But does he want to do it at defensive tackle. Fitz is a little...large...recently. "Birthday cakes," explained Fitz, the father of seven.

-- The world of LaVar Ball is a frightening place, filled with snakes and spiders. Now he says that son LiAngelo, who wasn't drafted a year ago, is better than Zion Williamson. I also suspect Ball will soon say that he saved Private Ryan, that he let the dogs out and that he wrote the book of love.

-- What is the most annoying thing in the world? Major league umpires or phone solicitors.

-- Goodnight, Reggie Cobb. The former Bucs' running back has passed away at 50. Two memories: Cobb had a drug problem in college, and once, he looked at me and said "when are you ever over stories about it?" The second is a game against Green Bay where the p.a. announcer -- who pronounced his name 'Cab' -- kept prattling after every carry. "Cab."

-- The best thing about the NFL draft? It's the end of the 27-mock-drafts-a-day internet coverage, many of them by writers who don't know the shape of a football.

-- I find it interesting that current Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy and former Lightning goalie Ben Bishop ore two of the three (with Islanders' Robin Lehner) finalists for the Vezina Trophy. What? No love for Darren Puppa?

-- I don't know about you, but as a guy who watches a lot of Rays' game, I'm infatuated with the ad where Chuck Norris tries to sell me a truck by chopping blocks on the sidewalk. Seriously, Norris speaks exactly 10 words in the ad, which stars a woman on drugs as his agent.

-- The BigLead.com ranks Jameis Winston as the 23rd best quarterback in the NFL. If Bruce Arians is to succeed, that needs to be in the top 10 in two years. Write it down.

-- Upon further review, Steven A. Smith says he was "ignorant" for saying that Dwayne Haskins was "more of a runner than a thrower." Anyone with access to SportsCenter knew that, of course. Which means a lot more apologies are on their way.

-- Do the NFL schedule-makers hate the Bucs? Or do they just not pay attention to them? The Bucs and the Raiders each have six-week stretches this year where they don't play a home game.

-- Don't make a bet if you can't afford to pay. Did you hear about Trey Little, who made a wager with his wife on the Masters. If Tiger Woods won, he would get to name his kid Tiger. Yes, that would be Tiger Little. If it was up to me, I'd rather name him after Stewart Cink. In that case, he'd be Stewart Little.

-- Speaking of names, Saquon Barkley of the Giants said his father was close to naming him "Tupac" Barkley.


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