Random thoughts: Surviving Fisher, who got away

by Gary Shelton on December 3, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 3 a.m.

Jameis Winston threw it. Kelvin Benjamin caught it. It was two-yard touchdown pass with 13 seconds to go in January of 2014. And without it, Jimbo Fisher has no national title against Auburn, and Texas A&M is paying him a lot less. Think about it.

– Just asking: Which college coach would you prefer to see lose on the opening Saturday of next season? 1. Jimbo Fisher, 2. Urban Meyer, 3. Brian Kelly, 4. Lane Kiffin; 5. Nick Saban.

– Once again, there are five teams to try to squeeze into a four-team bracket. I go with Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and ... Alabama. I just can't get past Ohio Statet giving up 55.

– Funny how all of the sudden the Buckeyes think you have to win the conference title. Last year, not so much.

– Tim Tebow said Alabama would “crush” Wisconsin if they played. Gee. If there was only a playoff where we could decide. Oh, wait.

– If you've ever read Batman, you know how much damage Mr. Freeze can do. Just ask Ole Miss.

– Notice how it's only the coaches who are grabbing millions who have a problem with when new coaches are named? Hey, guys, if you want to wait until February, that's okay with the rest of us.

– Among those who want the head coaching job at Tennessee is … Ric Flair. What? The Road Warriors aren't available? Or are those really the Ryan brothers?

– Fisher's real announcement he was leaving FSU? He threw away his Christmas tree on Dec. 1. Bah. And furthermore, humbug.

– Tennessee now looks to Phil Fulmer, who mattered back when TV was in black and white, to straighten the Vols out of this mess. Fulmer, no doubt, will rally the troops by pointing out that he beat FSU for the '98 national title when FSU's quarterback was hurt.

– Over the years, Bear Bryant got 100 coaches fired. Bobby Bowden got some fired. All great coaches do. But did either of them ever run off a coach as fast as Dan Mullen?

– Evidently, the Rays are shopping Alex Colome because they have too many good pitchers.

– AOL.com ranked its 10 NFL coaches most likely to be fired. The Bucs' Dirk Koetter was seventh. Still, that's high enough not to buy green bananas.

– Merry Christmas to fans in Chicago. The folks at Firefox browsers are providing t-shirts to help Bears' fans protest the continued employment of John Fox. Get it? Fire Fox.

– Ford is after John Cena after Cena sold his supercar for a profit in violation of their vehicle agreement. My question? He sold a Ford for a profit?

– In the last three years, Kevin Sumlin lost 15 games and was fired. Jimbo Fisher lost 12 games and entered a new tax bracket.

– You know, some smart school should sign Scott Frost to a post-Husker contract. If he flops at Nebraska, I'd still hire the guy.

– I think Tiger Woods would have done better Saturday if not for the death of his swing coach, Hugh Hefner.

– Did you see where the professional cheese carver made a replica of the Big 10 Trophy? Which begs the question: There are professional cheese carvers? Is there a circuit? Do they have business cards made of cheddar?

– I sure do like Herm Edwards, but a 10-year absence from coaching doesn't fill your heart with anticipation over him on the Arizona State sideline.

–  The Biglead.com calls Jimbo Fisher the most overrated coach in America, noting that his record is padded with a 27-1 record with Jamies Winston.

– If Ole Miss didn't want to get hammered, perhaps they should not have hired Thor.

– Here's a thought. With the pressure mounting on Redskins' coach Jay Gruden, shouldn't there be a home for him in Florida between FSU, UCF and maybe FAU?

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