Lowe’s hot streak lifts Rays to another win

May 8, 2019 Alabama

Wednesday, 4 a.m. Oh, so that’s why they gave Brandon Lowe the contract extension. Perhaps you looked at Lowe and wondered why. After all, he is just 5-10 and 185 pounds, a normal size guy in a supersized sport. Still, it took one pitch Tuesday night for the Rays to jump to a lead, and […]

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Jackson leads Baylor to championship

April 7, 2019 Alabama

Monday, 3 a.m. It was all gone. The lead, and possibly the title. To say Baylor was reeling would be to state the obvious. Despite it all, however, despite blowing a 17-point lead, Baylor came back to win the national championship, 82-81 at Amalie Arena. Baylor, which lost star player Lauren Cox during the game, […]

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Rays keep winning as Snell returns to form

April 3, 2019 Alabama

Wednesday, 4 a.m. You recognize the lanky walk to the mound. You recognize the steel in his glare. You recognize the ball exploding out of his hand. Yeah, that’s Blake Snell, all right. And, Blake? It’s good to see you again. After a wobbly Opening-Day start, Snell was in Cy Young form again Tuesday night, […]

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Even now, Bear’s shadow is larger than Saban’s

January 8, 2018 Alabama

Monday, 3 a.m. He was not the tallest man I’ve ever encountered. And he was not the heaviest. Somehow, however, Paul Bryant left the biggest shadow. He was all leather and sinew, as if he had been cut from a saddle. His voice came from deep down inside of him, and by the time it […]

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Random Thoughts: Gruden would have cost a lot

December 31, 2017 Alabama

Sunday, 3 a.m. Jon Gruden is the most famous player of chase in history. The guy loves to be rumored to be a target, doesn’t he? – Do you think Gruden read about Dirk Koetter in the paper? Or do you think the price tag of everything Gruden — salary, free agents, assistant coaches, length […]

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Random thoughts: Surviving Fisher, who got away

December 3, 2017 Alabama

Sunday, 3 a.m. Jameis Winston threw it. Kelvin Benjamin caught it. It was two-yard touchdown pass with 13 seconds to go in January of 2014. And without it, Jimbo Fisher has no national title against Auburn, and Texas A&M is paying him a lot less. Think about it. – Just asking: Which college coach would […]

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Clemson’s Watson just too good for Alabama

January 10, 2017 Alabama

    Tuesday, 4 a.m. In the back offices of Penn State, someone smiles. On the practice fields of Texas A&M, someone nods. In the recruiting offices of Oklahoma, someone told someone else so. There is a new hope everywhere, from the fields of Auburn to the offices of FSU, from the dorms at Colorado […]

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Even after Saban, Bryant lives in memories

January 9, 2017 Alabama

Monday, 4 a.m. He looked as if he was cut out of leather. He sounded as if his voice was being dragged across the rocks. When he stared at you, you would swear he saw clear to the other side. He was Bear Bryant. And he still matters. The years have not been kind to […]

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