Random Thoughts: Should Green Bay play Rodgers?

by Gary Shelton on September 16, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 2 a.m.

The Packers need him. They want him. They rely on him. But should they play him? That's the question for Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers. Obviously Green Bay could use Rodgers to play. But if it was me, I'd wrap him in styrofoam and put him behind the bench to watch. It's Week Two, people.

-- Floyd Mayweather, 41, is going to fight Manny Paquiao. Personally, I'd rather see the undercard bout between Bea Arthur and Betty White.

-- Nice weekend for the codgers. Nebraska is 0-2 for the first time since 1957. FSU lost to Syracuse for the first time since 1966.

--  Didn't Florida State used to play football?

-- Did you see that a Mississippi columnist called Alabama coach Nick Saban overrated for winning only five titles in 11 seasons? Ben Miller writes that he should have won them all, which is just silly. Of course, the way Alabama spanked Ole Miss Saturday night, you could have accused Saban of being over-bearing.

-- Personally, I think it's a fine idea for Oscar De La Hoya to run for president, especially if Oprah Winfrey is busy. That way, if Kim Jong Un gets out of line, our president could punch him in the snoot.

-- It's a small difference, really. Adrian Peterson thinks he can play 3-4 more years. I think he'll be lucky to be around in 3-4 weeks.

-- Look at this way. From now on, Josh Gordon can be as late as he wants.

-- Whine if you want to, but I loved North Texas' fake-fair-catch on Saturday against Arkansas. There are some crybabies who want to outlaw it. But the day was much more fun with it than without it. Of course, I'd bring back the Fumblerooski.

--  Remember when Jalen Ramsey didn't talk like an auctioneer?

-- Is it too late for Scott Frost to go back to UCF?

-- Lovie Smith looks like Santa Claus. Of course, he looked that way when he gave free agent contracts to do-nothing players Anthony Collins and Michael Johnson.

-- Here's a thought. What if Taggart doesn't work at FSU, but Charlie Strong takes a bigger job. Do you think USF would consider a re-hire?

-- Does anyone else think Jimbo Fisher is amused?

-- Noah Syndergaard wasn't impressed with the size or meanness of the rat who showed up in the dugout at Fenway Park. Of course, he should have checked those in the stands.

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