Random thoughts: Does Duffy doll limp?

by Gary Shelton on June 11, 2017 · 0 comments

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I don't know about you, but I enjoyed the Rays promotion of “Matt Duffy Bobblefoot night.”

– J.R. Smith had a great line about LeBron James: “He's a Gatorade baby.” Right. And Frankenstein was an electricity baby. Both were created in a lab somewhere.

– Jeff Van Gundy defends Kloe Kardashian who, frankly, does seem to score a lot in the NBA.

– Bill Polian said the Browns "tanked" last year, even though there wasn't a franchise quarterback to tank for. I think Polian mis-pronounced the work "stank."

– LeBron James says that Tom Brady shouldn't be considered the greatest of all time “because he plays only one side of the ball.” Right. And John Lennon didn't play the banjo and Picasso couldn't rebound and Shakespeare couldn't go to his left. This just in: Most NBA players consider an attempted steal as the opponent drives past as “defense.”

– Now that the NCAA has an early signing period, why not have a definitive “decommitment” period so players can back out on schools?

– How cow, Batman! Adam West died, and so did a part of my childhood.

– Former golfer Paul Azinger suggests Tiger Woods may have a problem with pain medication. With Tiger's history of over-indulgence, that's a thought.

– It's tough to be an NFL reporter these days. Space is limited, access is restricted and deadlines are tighter. Also, if you aren't careful, Christian Hackenberg may hit you with a forward pass.

– We shouldn't be surprised that Brett Favre didn't know what a nickel defense was. When Favre was right, most defenses weren't worth two cents.

– I liked Rex and Rob Ryan better when they were Arn and Ole with the Four Horsemen.

– I wonder what Mel Kiper thinks of the upcoming MLB draft. Or if anyone else thinks of it.

– In a column by my old friend Dave Hyde of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, former Dolphin running back Ricky Williams talks of a time in “20 or 30 years” when he gets into the Hall of Fame. Still on the wacky stuff, huh, Ricky?

– Does anyone else think that Lee Corso wakes up in the night, puts on the bumblebee head and yells out “Georgia Tech by seven!”

– Of course not. Who would ever pick Georgia Tech?”

– Brandon Marshall says that Odell Beckham is “the biggest superstar our game has ever seen.” Which makes me wonder if he's been eating Ricky Williams' brownies.

– NFL.com predicts a first-time Pro Bowl player for each team. For the Bucs, they pick Noah Spence, just ahead of Kwon Alexander.

– Gil Brandt ranked his top 11 quarterback-wide receiver combos, including several who have never played together like DeShaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins, Marcus Mariota and Corey Davis and Brian Hoyer (ack) and Pierre Garcon. Neither Jameis Winston and Mike Evans nor Jameis Winston and DeSean Jackson made the list.

– Bleacher Report says the Bucs' worst move of the last decade was hiring Raheem Morris. Wrong, even for a bad website. Raheem had a 10-win season with no money for free agents. How was he worse than Lovie Smith, who won six games in two years and squandered millions on the likes of Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins and Josh McKown? I'm sure the Glazers wake up in a cold sweat when they have flashbacks of Lovie.

– LaVar Ball, who never was, repeated that Michael Jordon would score only two points against him in one-on-one. That's silly. Judging from the films, Ball isn't even a good pickup player. I think it's going to become a thing when people say dumb things. He's into Williams' brownies.

– Jim Irsay says the Colts will win "plural Lombardis."Sure they will. Just not Vince Lombardi Trophies.

–I saw a debate over whether it was easier to go 16-0 in the NFL regular season or 16-0 in the NBA playoffs. Personally, I'd say the latter. NBA teams are playing the best teams in the playoffs; when the Dolphins went 17-0, they played a schedule that would embarrass the SEC.


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