Random Thoughts: Did Pace ace his Wonderlic test?

by Gary Shelton on April 30, 2017 · 0 comments

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A question: What did Chicago Bears' general manager Ryan Pace score on his Wonderlic?

–  Just wondering: What did O.J. Howard think of the O.J. Simpson mini-series?

–  Didn't you expect John Lynch would ace the draft? What? He wasn't supposed to get the intricacies of picking teams?

–  Did the Bears catch the Browns this week? Maybe not. But they're in the passing lane.

–  Here's why John Ross challenged Usain Bolt to a race. He loves the idea of watching Bolt disappear into the distance.

–  Sitting out their bowl games didn't hurt either Christian McCaffrey or Leonard Fournette. On the other hand, being a thug didn't hurt Joe Mixon that much, either.

–  DeShone Kizer said he has the brain of Tom Brady and the body of Cam Newton. Now he has the draft status of Jimmy Clausen, too.

–  Jay Cutler wanted to play for the Texans, but the team refused to return his calls. The reason? Well, have you seen Cutler play?

–  Now that they have Joe Mixon to go alongside Adam Jones, the Bengals have left us with a question. How many outcasts does it need before the team can form a gang chapter?

–  The Cleveland Browns still don't have a bona fide quarterback. That's like trying to win the Kentucky Derby on a kangaroo.

–  Brad Kaaya was one of 27 Florida players who went in the draft, and the ninth from Miami. Yeah, he should have stayed in school.

– Randy Gregory of the Dallas Cowboys just failed his seventh drug test. Why do you think thely call him “Dope?”

–  Ex-Jets' player Tony Richardson misspelled the team's nickname Friday. Poor Tony. The kids on Sesame Street would have gotten that one right.

–  I like her, so this is easy for me to say. I'm glad ESPN didn't fire Jamele Hill.

–  Is David Letterman trying to get a job with Z.Z. Top?

–  Sad news that Browns tackle Joe Thomas is already starting to have memory loss. Of course, with a decade of the Browns behind him, the memories themselves are kind of painful.

–  Quick poll: If the Bucs want to pick up a backup quarterback, would you rather it be a) Jay Cutler; b) Colin Kaepernick; c) Johnny Manziel; d) Josh Freeman.

–  I think instant grades for the NFL draft are ridiculous (as I did when I had to do them). That said, NFL.com gave the Bucs a B+. Of course, every other team in the NFC South got an A-, so everything is relative.

–  Then there is this. The Chicago Bears got a C+ despite having the second overall pick, probably because Ryan Pace blocked punts with his face.

– Give credit to Maria Sharapova for ending the controversy early. After returning from a doping ban, she was beaten by Kristina Mladenovic.

–  I don't know about you, but I struggle to understand compensatory draft picks in the NFL. A team lets a guy go, which helps them with the salary cap, and then it gets a bonus draft pick? Really?

–  Okay, which second-round draft pick gains more yardage as a rookie? Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon?

–  Personally, I would have drafted a Coastal Carolina cheerleader before I drafted Mixon, but that's just me.

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