Random thoughts: Consider the Bucs starting over

by Gary Shelton on June 24, 2018 · 0 comments

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I think the Bucs will try to ride their latest controversy out. But just in case you were wondering, the top quarterbacks in the 2019 are expected to be Michigan's Shea Patterson, Oregon's Justin Herbert and Auburn's  Jarrett Stidham.

-- And if indeed all blows up for Jameis Winston, I'd take a taxi -- not an Uber -- to the airport.

-- The Rays now have further divided their pitching staff into  "openers" and "bullpen days," with the idea that the pitcher on "bullpen days" is supposed to last longer, but not very long. Remember the old days when we had "starters?"

-- One down part of the "openers?" The Rays have already wasted one of their late-inning matchup guys, such as Ryne Stanek.

-- I'm not saying that the Rays game felt like a Yankees' home game, but I kept looking for Joe Pesci. Let's settle this: New York is the city that never sleeps, and St.Petersburg is known to take the occasional nap.

-- FortheWin.com says four teams who made the playoffs last year will not be back this year. They are: Jacksonville, Carolina, Kansas City and Buffalo. I disagree on Jacksonville, if anyone cares.

-- CBSsports.com gives the Orlando Magic a grade of C- for its draft. With an F-graded team, however, that's still an improvement.

-- I like this. For the Magic, Mo Bamba will wear No. 5. That's close enough to Mambo No. 5 for a grin.

-- I like the website Quora, where a great many bright people exchange ideas. But I thought the site was way off on the subject of whether Jim Brown would still be an impact running back today. As I read once, the great ones would great whenever. And this league still hasn't matched Brown.

- Sweden coach Janne Andersson went nuts after losing a 2-1 game to Germany. The reason? He did like the way Germany celebrated. Really? Isn't it time to get the pacifier out of your mouth?

-- Speaking of music, I can't decide if I like the walkup song that  Carlos Gomez has chosen: The theme to SpongeBob Square Pants. It's a giggle, I admit, but after the fourth time, you wish he would mix in a little "Scooby Doo Where Are You?" and the theme to the Flintstones.Throw in the Theme to Underdog, and we've got something going.

-- A guy on eBay is trying to sell a "killer combo' with O.J. Simpson's jersey and Aaron Hernandez' jersey and a portrait of the two. Yes, we do live in a healthy society, don't we?

-- Is Dwight Howard in danger of running out of teams to disappoint in the NBA?

-- Gil Brandt of NFL.com picks a future Pro Bowler for each team. His choice for the Bucs is safety Justin Evans. Evans' future might be a reason the Bucs passed on FSU safety Derwin Jones in last year's draft.

-- Bull Durham, the movie, is 30 years old. And I still have a crush on Annie Savoy.

-- Just wondering: What happened to dogs on television? We used to have Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, Ladadog and Eddie. Now, no more.

-- And speaking of that, where did the horses go? Silver, Trigger, Scout, and Fury.

-- It was eight seasons ago that Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger faced the game problems of Jameis Winston. He had been suspended for six games, and there were rumors the team was shopping him. One difference? The Steelers have made the playoffs six times, including a Super Bowl, since then.

-- Michigan is going to make Chris Webber an honorary captain for a football games? What? Does Jim Harbaugh need an extra time-out.

-- Fansided.com says the Bucs should make a move for Teddy Bridgewater to replace Jameis Winston. That's not as a backup. That's as a starter.

-- Two games in, and Johnny Manziel is almost as far from a CFL field as an NFL field.

--  Lane Kiffin has a new 10-year contract at FAU. Anyone else think he'll fall about nine years short of that?



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