Random thoughts: Bad day for Florida teams

by Gary Shelton on October 28, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Yeah, it's a state for great defense, all right. FSU, USF and Florida gave up a combined 152 points on Saturday. Miami and FAU lost on Friday. Does anyone around here not chase receivers across goal lines?

-- John Tortorella, old Captain Torture, says he misses the hate that has gone from the NHL in these new Kumbaya days. Me, too. Players used to talk often about how a playoff series wasn't real until you developed a good old-fashioned hatred for the opponent. Why, if it occurred today, Torts would have looked at Ken Hitchcock and, instead of telling him to shut his yap, would have said "Pardon me. Do you mind not talking to our player, please? Thank you, and that's a lovely cologne."

-- Talk about disappointment. In For the Win's half-season awards, Ronald Jones lost out of the worst offensive rookie to Seattle's Rashaad Penny, who has a better rushing average. I demand a recount of the no-counts.

-- I don't know what happens if Roseanne Barr, Karl Lewis and Fergie get together. What doesn't happen is rehearsals for the National Anthem.

-- Mike Smith, the former Bucs' defensive coordinator, tied Mike McCoy, the former Cardinals' offensive coordinator, for the worst assistant coach of the year. Could McCoy's team have scored against Smith's defense? I think so.

-- Just wondering: Would FSU swap coaches with Nebraska?

-- If Jacksonville's team indeed relocates to England, perhaps the Jags' players should pay attention to a particular observance in London. They expect you to pay your bills at the strip clubs, guys.

-- I don't think that word means what you think it does: Blake Bortles says he's a scapegoat in Jacksonville. That, although he's thrown five interceptions and fumbled twice in three straight losses. If I was Bortles, I think I'd be quiet and go back to chewing on my tin can.

-- So how nervous do you think the rest of the NFL officials are after the NFL fired Hugo Cruz for missing a false start? Are we to believe that's the first call a ref has missed this year?

-- Did you see that a yokel named Bill Bilcheck is running for probate court in New England? If I was him, I'd find a guy named Tom Brody to run with me. Nothing like confusing the voters, huh?

-- I finally figured out the title of the book the shirtless FSU fan was reading. It's called "Where to Buy a Shirt."

-- Just wondering: Would USF swap coaches with UCLA?

-- So why would you ask Fergie, a singer who has wet herself on stage, to sing the National Anthem to start with? Hasn't the Anthem been punished enough?

-- Good for you, Rocco Baldelli. Good for you, Charlie Montoya. Who knew the Rays had so many managers on their team?

-- A Tennessee fan threw a drink on Alabama coach Nick Saban. His defense was that, as a Tennessee fan, he didn't think he could hit him.

-- The BigLead.com has a mock draft pick for the Bucs who they think you will love. It's cornerback Justin Love of Notre Dame. Again, don't expect a team to go after a need position when it just drafted two youngsters in the second round this year.

-- To sum up, this is what Curt Schilling had to say about not being asked to throw out a first pitch for the Boston Red Sox: Waaaa-aaah.

-- Dustin Pedroia was carded at the field of the Los Angelos Dodgers, which is kind of a hoot. Maybe they didn't know he was still with the Red Sox.

-- Hank Aaron says that he wouldn't be able to hit the new fastball throwers of major league baseball and "they'd probably send me to the D-Leagues." Yeah, but Aaron is almost 85 years old. He probably wouldn't hit more than 30 home runs a season.

-- Just wondering: Would Miami swap coaches with FIU?

-- It's a laugh to me that everyone is willing to believe the new speed guns with pitchers. Are you telling me the sixth guy out of the Twins' bullpen throws harder than Nolan Ryan. The arms haven't changed. Radar has.

-- So the Raiders traded Amari Cooper because they just have too many good football players.

-- Just wondering: Would Florida swap coaches with Ohio State?

-- How about a preseason tournament between teams managed by ex-Tampa Bay Rays? The Cubs (Joe Maddon) could play the Nationals (Dave Martinez), the Blue Jays (Charlie Montoya) could play the Twins (Rocco Baldelli) and the Phillies (Gabe Kapler) could play the Rays. We could have Lou Piniella throw out the first pitch.

-- If you're wondering how the NFL decided to fine the Bucs' Jordan Whitehead $26,739 for his hit on Baker Mayfield, well, it's obvious. They league thought that $26,740 was just too darned much.

-- Just wondering: Would USF swap coaches with FSU?

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