Random thoughts: Tide would wear out Cleveland

by Gary Shelton on December 11, 2016 · 4 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

I love that Cleveland cornerback Joe Haden has the gall to be offended that an EA simulation had the Browns losing to Alabama by 34 points. My questions: Only 34? And how can a corner on an 0-12 team whine about disrespect from anyone? Personally, I think Mississippi State would be a 17-point pick.

– A Houston regent said that Lane Kiffin “wasn't a safe hire” for his school, so the team went with Major Applewhite. Which shows you how far Kiffin has slipped. Still, I think there is a good coach inside. Of course, I could be wrong.

– In 100 years, the Patriots will still be good, the Browns will still be bad and Jeff Fisher, who will have won 700 of his last 1600 games, will have just signed a new contract extension.

– After seeing that Toronto and Seattle finished in a 0-0 tie in the MLS finals, I'm convinced the Rowdies' defense will fit right in.

– Bucs' quarterback Jameis Winston has risen to 12th in the Foxsports.com quarterback rankings. A hot December and he moves into the top 10. Which isn't bad for a 22-year old.

– Do you think Roger Goodell just likes tea and crumpets?

– If you're on the fence about the injuries-marijauna controversy in the NFL, think about this: Has Cheech ever been in the concussion protocol?

– NFL.com has Mike Smith as the 12th-most likely assistant to get a head coaching job in the off-season. Again, the last month could improve his ranking.

– Donald Trump says he might want ex-Met manager Bobby Valentine to be his ambassador to Japan, where every day would be Valentine's Day.

–Gee. How much would Aroldis Chapman make if he threw two innings a game?

– Newarea.com says Doug Martin, second in the NFL last year, is now the 15th ranked running back in the NFL. That's five slots behind throwaway LeGarrette Blount, if you're counting.

– I wonder what Gino Torretta, Andre Ware and Eric Crouch think of Lamar Jackson winning the Heisman.

– Was that Chris Archer in goal for the Lightning the other night? No. Sorry.

– I know everyone makes a big deal about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, but what's the big deal about Skip Bayless in a pleated skirt?

– All those guys off the street the Bucs picked up? The draft? Free agency? USA Today isn't impressed. They rank the combo of general manager Jason Licht and coach Dirk Koetter only 28th in the league. Which is time, as they say, to demand a recount.

– Supposedly, there is new evidence against Tanya Harding in the Nancy Kerrigan case. For goodness' sake, is there still any doubt? Harding, the hubcap queen, did it. Everyone who has a knee of their own knows it.

– No, Jim Leavitt cannot apply for the USF coaching job.

– Did Donald Trump recognize the difference between Army and Navy Saturday. No, not the teams. The military units. "This one uses boats, and this one marches, Mr. President."

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