Choices, choices. Everywhere are choices

by Gary Shelton on December 27, 2017 · 2 comments

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3Wednesday, 4 a.m.

I like Christmas over birthdays. I like turkey over ham. I like opening presents on Christmas morning over Christmas Eve.

I like staying the course over blowing up the Bucs. I like Peyton Barber over Doug Martin. I liked Lamar Jackson over Baker Mayfield for the Heisman.

I like going for it over punting. I like drafting a defensive end over a kicker. I like Koetter over Schiano, but Schiano over Raheem, but Raheem over Lovie. I like everyone over Perkins.

I like Richard Williams over LeVar Ball. I like Peyton over Eli. I like LeBron over Kobe.

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I like Jameis over Josh except in a Uber. I like J.J. Watt over Greg Hardy. I like Brady over Unitas, but Unitas over Montana and Montana over Bradshaw.

I like Flo over Larry, the Dr. Pepper guy. I like Chamberlain over Russell. I like Phelps over Spitz.

I like popcorn over peanuts. I like bacon over chocolate. I like Shula over Belichick, but not by much.

I like Ali over Frazier. I like Spurrier over Meyer. I like Hail to the Victors over On Wisconsin.

I like Magic over Bird. I like Serena over  Venus. I like Longoria the Ray over Longoria the Giant.

I like that Gruden won the Super Bowl, but as a builder, I like Dungy over Gruden. Looking back, I still like Dalvin over O.J. I like Tebow over Hernandez.

Even now, I like Winston over Mariota. I like dogs over cats, despite having two of each. I like Wendy’s over McDonalds.

I like Adeiny Hechavarria over Jason Bartlett. I like Nikita Kucherov over Steven Stamkos. In a battle of popular running backs, I like Warrick Dunn over Mike Alstott.

I like Marty over Vinny. I like Price over Shields. If I have to choose, I  like Dilfer over Freeman.

I like comic book movies over those that have gladiators with British accents. I like the novels of Harlan Coben over those of Robert Parker. I like cherry pie over apple.

For coach of the year, I like Sean McVay over Doug Pederson. For rookie of the year, I like Leonard Fournette over Alvin Kamara. For MVP, I like Todd Gurley over Brady.

I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer over The Walking Dead. I like Game of Thrones over the Sopranos. I like the Beatles over the Stones.

In the playoffs, I like Alabama over Clemson. I like Oklahoma over Georgia. I like Alabama over Oklahoma.

I like Taggart over Mullen. I like Nicklaus over Tiger. I liked Mays over Mantle.

I like The Far Side over Peanuts. I like Batman (especially Woods) over Superman. I liked Tommy Nobis over Ray Lewis.

I liked the evidence over the  O.J. verdict. I like Federer over Sampras. I liked Connors over McEnroe.

I liked Derek Jeter over A-Rod.  I like Kevin Costner over Tim Robbins.  As far as gamblers, I like Wild Bill Hickok over Pete Rose.

I like Brooks over Selmon. I like Bobby Bowden over Jimbo “Skid Marks” Fisher. I liked Rowdy Roddy Piper over Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

I like Indian food over Chinese. I like scuba diving over sailing. I liked Doc Holliday over Jesse James.

I liked Ted Williams over Joe DiMaggio. I like Phil Esposito over the Russians. In a game played in the pharmacy, I like Barry Bonds over Lance Armstrong.

I like Sweet & Low over Equal. I like cable over Direct TV. I like Carrabbas over Olive Garden. For breakfast, I like Kissin’ Cuzzins over Skyways.

I like Joe Madden over Kevin Cash. I like Dick Vitale over Lee Corso, but I get a kick out of both. In the world of Liberty Valance and Notre Dame, I like the  legend over the truth.

I liked Nancy over Tonya. I like Gretzky over Lemieux. I liked Jordan over everyone.

I liked Simon over Garfunkel. I liked Starsky over Hutch. In the world of ice cream, I like Jerry over Ben.

All in all, I’d like a new Rays’ stadium in St. Pete, not Tampa. But I like  Sternburg over Naimoli. I like the Glazers over Culverhouse. And I really like Jeff Vinick over Oren Koules.

I like Star Wars over Star Trek. I like pepper over salt. I like backgammon over chess.

I like Springsteen over Tom Petty, but it’s close. I liked Luke over Han. I liked King Kong over Godzilla.

I like Pennywise over Freddie Krueger. I like swimming over jogging. I like my putter over my driver. I like Barney Fife over Barney Miller,

I liked Barry Sanders over Walter Payton. I liked Koufax over Clemens.  I like Caitlyn Jenner over Bruce, although I’m not sure what that says about me.

I liked Warren Sapp over Gerald McCoy. I liked Derrick Brooks over Lavonte David. I liked John Lynch over Sabby Piscatelli ... by a lot.

I like Snickers over Milky Way. I like Bang the Drum Slowly over either of Brian’s Song. I like Rocky over Raging Bull.

I liked Mr. Outside over Mr. Inside. I like Usain Bolt over Carl Lewis. I like Napoleon Solo over Hope. I like Diet Dr. Pepper over Dr. J.

I liked Babe Ruth over Babe Didrikson. I like Marino over Elway. I liked Jackie Joyner-Kersey over Florence Griffith-Joyner.

I like Nick Saban over Bear Bryant. I like   Martina Navratilova over Chris Evert. I like the Big O over the Big E.

I like the Spider (John Sally) over the Worm (Dennis Rodman.) I like Ruth-Gehrig and Mantle-Maris over Judge-Stanton. I liked Bud Collins over Don Cherry.

I like Betty over Wilma. I like Mary Anne over Ginger. I like Jeannie over Samantha.

I like Victor Hedman over Roman Hamrlik. I like Mike Evans over Keyshawn Johnson. In center, I like Kevin Kiermaier over Rocco Baldelli.

I liked Rich McKay over Jason Licht. I like Steve Yzerman over Jay Feaster. I liked Andrew Friedman over Chuck LaMar.

I like Brayden Point over Braydon Coburn. I like Secretariat over Man O' War. I like Columbo over Sherlock Holmes.

I like Rob Gronkowski over John Mackey. I like Rocky Marciano’s streak over Floyd Mayweather’s. I like Charles Barkley over Shaq

I like Keith Thuman over Winky Wright. I like Sam Wyche’s 21st personality over his 17th. I like Ronde Barber, the cornerback, over Ronde Barber, the broadcaster.

Of course, I could be wrong.





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