Looking back on the Lions’ win over the Bucs

by Gary Shelton on October 17, 2023

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5 Thoughts

  1. Maybe it's from watching years of performances like Sunday's, but I still don't like the creamsicle uniforms.

2. Wouldn’t it be better if we measured the Bucs' running stats in inches, instead of yards.That way, we could say that Rachaad White ran for 78 Sunday, and it wouldn’t be as embarrassing.

3. I'll say this for recycled quarterbacks: Jared Goff sure has more weapons around him than Baker Mayfield. That said, Mayfield was fairly rotten on Sunday.

4. I wonder what Byron Leftwich thought as he watched on Sunday.

5. I love Mike Evans, too, but the phrase "a rare drop by Mike Evans" isn't quite so rare these days.


(From Todd Bowles day-after press conference)

(On if he thinks the team can get by with Ke’Shawn Vaughn and Sean Tucker at the No. 2 running back spot until Chase Edmonds comes back): “I don’t think it’s their fault that we are in the bottom of the NFL as far as rushing. It’s a group thing. We have to run the ball better, we have to block it better, and we have to rush it better.”

(On what he is seeing on tape from a run blocking standpoint): “We’re not getting it done. Sometimes it’s a technique thing, sometimes we miss a block here and there, so as a group, we have to do a better job.”

(On how disappointed he is in the offense and if scoring 18 points per game is enough): “No, it’s not, and we will get better at it. Like you said, it’s five games in. We had a clunker yesterday, no doubt about that. You want to score touchdowns in this league, and we didn’t score touchdowns. We’ll work at it, and we’ll get better.”

(On the run game taking a step backwards after he put emphasis on it for the season): “Again, we are only five games in. It’s going to be a work in progress. If we put too much emphasis on it, they’re going to take it away, and we [have] to throw it. So, it’s a lot of cat and mouse things. When you get behind, you have to throw it a little more. We weren’t behind as much, but we were in some tight ball games. It’s going to develop into what we think it will.”

(On if he expected growing pains when he hired a first-time play caller): “It’s not just going to be for him the first time; it’s going to be every year as a play caller, regardless of whether you’re first time or not. You’re going to learn some things, and you’re going to go through some things. You’re going to have some great games, and you’re going to have some clunkers. We had a clunker yesterday. Dave [Canales] is a very smart guy, very positive guy, I believe in him 100%, the offense believes in him 100%, and we’re going to be fine.”

Game Balls

Offense: Chase McLaughlin kicked two field goals. Whee.

Defense: Lavonte David had 12 tackles and a sack.

Special teams: Jake Camarda average 54.2 yards per putt and had three inside the 20.


Quarterback: Baker Mayfield has never looked smaller...or less efficient. Grade: D.

Running back: How much further can the Bucs embarrass themselves?. Grade: F.

Offensive line: They were spanked all day. Grade: F.

Wide receivers: Too many drops, not enough danger. Grade: D.

Defensive line: They had three sacks and controlled the Lions' run game, but there weren't enough impact plays. Grade: C.

Linebacker: David and Devin White combined for 19 tackles. Grade: B.

Secondary: They gave up 253 yards and a 107.5 quarterback grade. Grade: F.

Coaching: It took two weeks of planning for this? Grade: F.

Power Rankings

  1. Kansas City

2. Miami

3. San Francisco

4. Philadelphia

5. Detroit

13. Tampa Bay

Bottom 5

32. Carolina

31. Arizona

30. Chicago

29. N.Y. Giants

28. Denver

NFL Ranking

Passing Yards Baker Mayfield 24

Rushing Yards Rachaad White 32

Receiving Yards Mike Evans 17

Tackles Lavonte David 42

Punting Jake Camarda 1

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