Random thoughts: Scribes attack Murray’s attacker

by Gary Shelton on March 10, 2019 · 0 comments

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I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying this game of slap-tag between ex-general manager Charlie Casserly and ex-Cowboys scout Gil Brandt over Tyler Murray. Casserly made some bold statements about the lack of leadership from Murray, and Brandt was one of those who landed on the beach to defend Murray's honor. Two reactions: I do not think Casserly made anything up. I am sure he has friends in the league who are concerned about Murray. That doesn't make it the consensus opinion, but it's kind of sad to see internet reporters (who are trying only for clicks) criticizing a guy for having a take designed to get clicks.

-- Think of Antonio Brown's career this way: How many seasons does he have left before he is begging Buffalo for a job?

-- In honor of Michael Bennett graduating to the New England Patritots, here is a top five of the Tampa Bay Bucs who got away: 1. Steve Young, 2. Bo Jackson, 3. Warrick Dunn, 4. Doug Williams, 5. Aqib Talib.

-- A fun little story at thesportsdrop.com picks each franchise's best and worst quarterbacks of all time. It does a nice job with No. 1, Brad Johnson. There were other more renown quarterbacks, but Johnson consistently outplayed his opponent. The worst, according to the site, was Vinny Testaverde. Now, Vinny wasn't great, and he threw it to the wrong team too much. But was he really worse than Trent Dilfer or Josh Freeman or Steve Spurrier or Jack Thompson or Randy Hedberg or Chris Simms or Tim Rattay or Bruce Gradkowski or Byron Leftwich or Josh McCown or Chris Chandler or, well, you get the picture.

-- No word from the Munoz family to see if Donovan Smith has become the new Anthony. Personally, I doubt it.

-- Just guessing. Michael Bennett will be less of a loudmouth now that Bill Belichick is his coach, right?

-- True fact: The Bears just signed a kicker named Chris Blewitt. (Can you just hear the announcers scream "Blewitt blew it!" You know which Bucs' kicker should have been named Blewitt? Well, all of them.

-- For Antonio Brown's benefit: NFL teams that have great quarterbacks and a shot at the Super Bowl are not interested. Thank you very much.

-- If the Bucs let Kwon Alexander, former LSU linebacker, get into free agency, is it a hint the team might draft Devin White, LSU linebacker. Works for me.

-- As I look at the Bucs' salary cap numbers, this occurs to me. Tampa Bay paid a lot of money for its five measley wins last year. Eight players are schedued to make $10 million or more, with Lavonte David just under that figure.

-- Does Robert Kraft's $59 trip to heaven count against the salary cap?

-- Know who would win a race between Rosie Ruiz and Bre Tiesi-Manziel? Neither. They'd split a cab to the finish line and arrive at the same time.

-- I wonder what Hugh Culverhouse, who paid $16 million for the Bucs' franchise, would think of the Bucs' $40 million pass-catch combo?

-- Vince Young, the former Texas great, was fired from his job with the Longhorns. To give you an idea of what his job description was, his business card said "former Texas great" on it.

-- Just saying: If someone had introduced Robert Kraft to Suzy Favor-Hamilton, there wouldn't have been so many headlines.

-- NFL.com had some interesting names among its best 101 free agents. It had Kwon Alexander at No 23, Adam Humphries at No. 45 and Brent Grimes at No. 99. Former Buc J.R. Sweezy was No. 100.

-- Personally, I'd rather the Bucs play with 10 guys on defense than bring back Grimes.

-- Just wondering. Since the Orlando Sentinel pushed so hard for UCF to win the college national championship two seasons ago, will they now start to beat the drum for the Orlando Apollos to be declared Super Bowl champions?

-- SBnation.com suggests the Bucs signs ex-Giants' safety Landon Collins. But Collins' success has been in the box. They need more of a playmaker.

-- Aside to those who think the Bucs should sign Le'Veon Bell in free agency. With their salary cap situation, the Bucs would be lucky to sign that kid with the squeaky voice from Saved by the Bell.



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