Random thoughts: Dressing for duress

by Gary Shelton on July 15, 2018 · 0 comments

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It was interesting that Jameis Winston's trainer wore a t-shirt that proclaimed "Jameis Against the World."  After much thought, I have decided to go with the world.

--  The best reason that Bill Russell was such a good rebounder. His middle finger is very, very strong. In the last two weeks, he's flipped off Charles Barkley and Vince Carter on his finger tour.

-- Ranking the Rays available for trade: 1. Wilson Ramos.2. Adeiny Hechavarria   3. Nathan Eovaldi 4. Carlos Gomez  5.  Chris Archer 6. Matt Andriese. 7. Matt Duffy. 8. C.J. Cron. 9. Sergio Romo. 10. Stu Sternberg.

-- The untouchables? 1. Jake Bauers. 2. Kevin Kiermaier. 3. Willy Adames. 4. Elliot Ness.

-- I see where a website asks if Chase Utley should make the Hall of Fame. I'm not sure he should be able to buy a ticket.

-- This just in: Roseanne Barr loves everything about Papa John's pizza.

-- I know it's hard to be a Rays fan, but in the fallout over the Papa John's racism spew, we discover that Tampa Bay fans got 50 percent off if their team scored six runs. But the Marlins and Royals' fans got 50 percent off if their team scored five. What? Is pepperoni harder to find in St. Pete?

-- Because they are so cool, the Montgomery Biscuits (they're in Alabama!), will host a Millennial Night. Said the team: "Want free things without doing much work? Well you're in luck! Riverwalk Stadium will be Millennial friendly on Saturday, July 21st with a participation ribbon giveaway just for showing up, napping and selfie stations, along with lots of avocados." Once there, fans can talk about Alabama recruiting and sing Lynard Skynard songs.

-- So what's on a Papa John's special? Pepperoni and a toasted KKK bedsheet?

-- Did you see Leonard Fournette wanted to be taken out of the Madden video football game because he didn't like his speed rating? In a related move, the knight wanted to be taken off the chess board because he couldn't even move in a straight line.

-- At its core, sports is a father-and-son experience. But after the Lakers landed LeBron James, Luke Walton got a call from is father...at a Grateful Dead concert. Can you imagine Luke explaining to his friends "my dad is a Deadhead."

-- Maybe it's just me, but putting Richie Incognito in charge of an anti-bullying campaign is kind of like putting Timothy Leary in charge of an anti-drug program.

-- Here's an idea of how to deal with Terrell Owens, Hall of Famer. Mention him briefly in Canton, then for the next 100 years, rotate his bust to more prominent closets in the Hall.

-- Kyrie Irving has tennis shoes coming out to honor Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kix and Lucky Charms. Can Count Chocula be far behind?

-- Whoever would take Irving for a Cereal Killer?

-- LeVar Ball says he and LeBron James could take over Hollywood together. That's like saying that Tom Brady and I could afford nice cars. Only one of us has the juice, and it isn't LaVar.

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