Random thoughts: Rays’ early in pulling Snell

by Gary Shelton on April 14, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 2 a.m.

Ah, so that's how you beat Blake Snell.  You just pull him out of the game. Of course, you have to be his own manager to do so.

-- Can an entire league play rope-a-dope? Was the rest of the NHL playing possum as the Lightning set itself up for a collapse? Think about how much national attention this would be getting if it was a team from New York or Los Angeles?

-- The worst thing about the Masters? Those scattered security guards that fall from the sky and hit the Tigers.

-- For the first time in 54 at bats, Chris Davis got a hit. His mom can now go back to sleep until August.

-- Maybe the NBA shouldn't discipline Philadelphia's Joel Embid for using a cell phone on the bench. Hey, maybe it was Tom Brady's phone and Embid was just looking for evidence.

-- Then again, maybe it was Brett Favre with one of his famous texts.

-- Say what you want about the scandal. Say what you want about surgeries. Talk about his age or about his arrogance. Still, I'm pulling for Tiger Woods today.

-- What's more rare? The Magic winning a playoff game, Davis getting a hit or Tiger being on the Augusta National leaderboard?

-- Rashard Mendenhall seems to think that you get a do-over when charging someone -- Ben Roethlisberger in this case — with racism. It was a stupid thing to say, Rashard, but you don't get to run from it.

-- The Sportingnews.com had a fun little exercise, ranking the quarterbacks taken in the first round since 2000. You'll disagree (that's the point), but it's a nice discussion. The Bucs' Jameis Winston is ranked No. 24 out of 53 quarterbacks. Others that might interest you include Johnny Manziel (49), Tim Tebow (48), Blaine Gabbert (42), Josh Freeman (36) and Byron Leftwich (31).

-- Did you see where Shannon Sharpe says he wouldn't want to have someone as a teammate who is a smug blowhard to values his opinion over everyone else's. He was talking about Antonio Brown, but doesn't it kind of fit Skip Bayless?

-- Former Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan said he was "depressed" after his team won back-to-back national titles. Maybe that's because all of his starters left. Do. you think?

-- A question about Jon Cooper calling teh Lightning's current situation as a "a five-alarm fire." Can we import a few more fires? I don't think five quite covers it.


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