Testimonial Tuesday: Talking about Gary Shelton

by Gary Shelton on March 3, 2015 · 0 comments

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Miss the wit and insight of my friend Gary Shelton in the Times? Get all that and more at his new site GarySheltonsports.com. In return, he promises to be my best friend, so please do your part.

-- Nancy Alexander
Tampa Bay Radio Personality

* * *

The problem with reading a favorite sport columnist in the daily newspaper tends to be that of any given day, you get only their view on one subject. But come on, they're writing about sports. You know they've got an opinion on everything but not enough space to share it. Now that award-winning writer Gary Shelton is free to write as much as he wants, we all win. No one holding back on all the opinions that fit.

-- Bob Andelman
Author, Stadium for Rent: Tampa Bay's Quest for Major League Baseball

* * *

Gary is one of the most informative, accomplished and talented sportswriters I have ever had the pleasure of working with -- or reading, for that matter. He makes the game stories come alive and gives you new ways of looking at the sports stories everyone is talking about. If you want real insight into the world of sports, you have to read Gary Shelton.

-- Eric Deggans, NPR TV Critic/former TV/Media critic, Tampa Bay Times


As a founder and former president of the Associated Press Sports Editors Association (APSE), I was deeply involved in creating a writing contest. I remember each year reading tremendous columns as we judged the contest. There was no name, of course, on the entries, but I ended up reading them more for entertainment than judging. They turned out to be from the pen, oops typewriter, of Gary Shelton. He became a winner of the national award several times because he was head and shoulders above most of the others. Still is. To put in bluntly, Gary is a "must read," which there aren't many of in today's sports journalism.

-- Hal Bodley, MLB.com


It's a good thing I like Gary Shelton so much and treasure the laughs and friendship we've shared across the years, because otherwise I'd be really upset at how well he writes. He leads the league in wish-I'd-written-thats, which is the highest praise you can give.

-- Bob Ford, Philadelpia Inquirer

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