Random thoughts: Wyche’s heart was always good

by Gary Shelton on September 11, 2016 · 1 comment

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Through the years, I've had as many feuds with Sam Wyche as he has personalities. But I never thought his heart was the problem. His heart was fine, even if he needs another one. Good luck, bud.

– Here's a thought. If so many people are upset that players are sitting during the national anthem, why not play it while they're still in the locker room. That way we don't have to watch them stand or sit or scratch.

– So should the Charleston Southern players hang their heads in shame after illegal penciling?

– As I understand it, former Baylor coach Art Briles is kinda, sorta sorry in a way, you know.

– I don't know what your reaction was to Nick Saban chewing out offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. But I'm pretty sure there was great amusement around the University of Tennessee.

– This is where NFL honcho Roger Goodell (ten-hut!) loses us. It's fine if he doesn't want to punish Colin Kaepernick for sitting down. But did you hear he threatened to fine Tennessee linebacker Avery Williamson because he wants to wear red-white and blue cleats to honor the victims of 9-11. Really?

– I'd like a helicopter, too. But Jerry Jones is much more creative. He says he can "shoot pigs" out of his.

– So John Tortorella will sit any player who sits in protest? He will, however,honor players who wish to stand at attention for Darth Vader.

– Gary Myers of the New York Daily News ranked each head coach and quarterback combination of the NFL. According to Myers, the Bucs are 19th. That's behind both New York teams. Myers has the Giants seventh, for some reason, and the Jets 16th, which is beyond reason.

– New rant coming to theaters soon: “I'm Mike Gundy, and I'm a man … who doesn't know the rules.”

– Forget the preseason. Today's game against the Falcons will be the first real measurement of whether the Bucs' Jameis Winston is as improved as we want him to be.

– Johnny Miller thinks that Tiger Woods will win 6-8 more titles. He didn't mention which events, but I think the Hindenberg Open, The Putt-Putt Challenge, the Roseanne Barr Invitational, the Three Stooges Open and the Star Trek Invitational will be some of them.

– Kirk Cousins is taking some heat for admitting that he liked the band Creed when he was in high school. Hey, a lot of us had strange listening tastes in high school. Meanwhile, I'll play this Monkees' album one more time.

– Isn't it time for Dr. Pepper to get a new pitchman other than the annoying stadium vendor?

– The Mets have a big advantage over the Jets. They can send Tim Tebow to the minor leagues.

– New revelation by the NFL: We care about concussions...just not the ones suffered by Cam Newton.

– This is a hoot. The Browns say they traded the No. 2 pick in the draft because they did not think Carson Wentz was a top 20 quarterback. In other words, he has nothing in common with Johnny Manziel, right. Proper response for the Eagles? “Whew.”

– I agree that wins and losses are far from the best way to evaluate a pitcher. Still, 18 in a season is a lot. Right, Chris Archer?

– I wonder what hat that Nick Saban wears?

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