Random thoughts: Wondering why Lynch was bypassed

by Gary Shelton on February 5, 2017 · 0 comments

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The guys in a room didn't think John Lynch belonged in the Hall of Fame. As a guy who saw every snap of his Bucs' career, I disagree. Loudly. So congrats, John. You're in the Shelton Hall.

– No, I'm not among those who would have voted  Jerry Jones into the Hall of Fame. What did he ever do but hire Jimmy Johnson, his former roommate? The Cowboys are lucky he didn't room with Greg Schiano.

– In a Madden simulation, the 2002 Bucs beat the 2016 Patriots, 13-10 on a 37-yard field goal by Martin Gramatica as time runs out.  Of course, that was before Bill Belichick got ahead of his x-box.

– I see someone bet $1.1 million on the Falcons to win the Super Bowl. That guy does know he's betting on the franchise of Pat Peppler, Aundray Bruce, Bob Berry, Cannonball Butler and Michael Vick, right?

– The NFL has not invited Joe Mixon (domestic violence) or Ishmael Zamora (beating a dog) to the combine. They have also not invited Charles Manson, Ted Bundy or O.J. Simpson. Thankfully.

– I don't know much about MMA, but if they're showing LeBron James and Charles Barkley, I'm buying.

– Ready for this? Illinois State signed an offensive lineman named Kobe Buffalomeat. You can call him Buff. State decided not to sign teammate Jerry Zitonhisnose.

– The National Chicken Council, where there are members who actually get paid, says there will be 1.3 billion chicken wings consumed during today's Super Bowl. No word on how much blue cheese dressing.

– In a related story, a woman named Molly Schuyler won Wing Bowl 22 by eating 363 chicken wings in 30 minutes. Schuyler qualified by eating nine pounds of cottage cheese. Wonder what she ate to celebrate?

– LeSean McCoy, speaking only for himself, says he's the NFL's best running back. He says Zeke Elliott of Dallas is only “fifth or sixth.” I wonder what films he's been watching? The one with Moe and Curly?

– Former Steelers' Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw asked Lady Ga-Ga if her grandmother was single. Granny Ga-Ga?

– At the Pro Bowl, 18 players were asked about LGBT issues, including the Pulse nightclub shootings and having a gay teammate. Fourteen said they'd be fine. Two had no comment. One said he didn't keep up with current events. And one didn't know what LGBT meant. Pretty weak.

– A report says Colin Kaepernick will play out his option and become a free agent. Personally, I bet the Montreal Alouettes cannot wait.

– I don't know if it's cheating, but it's galling. The New England Patriots have trademarked the phrase “The Perfect Season.” Shouldn't a team have one first? What's next? “The No-Name Defense?”

– I wonder what the Super Bowl ratings are in Cleveland and, if you check, if anyone in Cleveland has ever heard of a Super Bowl.

– Why hasn't Roger Goodell been to New England lately? Why, breathing problems. I hear there isn't as much air there.

– Ads for this year's Super Bowl will cost roughly $5 million for a 30-second spot. Which is enough time for the Lightning goaltenders to give up two, three goals.

– On the first day of his retirement, former Colts punter Pat McAfee said he tried adderall and can see why it's banned. What's next? Steroids? Or will McAfee video tape the opposing head coach?

–I still don't understand why Roger Goodell destroyed the evidence in that one, but I'm glad he left the air alone.

– The most arrogant byline ever? Rivals.com refers to a guy I've never heard of as its “recruiting director.” Not “recruiting reporter.” Not “recruiting editor.” Just who is this guy recruiting?

– UCF recruit Cordarrian Richardson sent up a hot air balloon so he could commit to Maryland “from outer space.” Instead, he'll end up near Pluto. He just signed with UCF.

– The agent for Tiger Woods says the back spasms that made him withdraw from a tournament in Dubai are different than the ones that have shelved him from the tour. Oh? Do we have a combination agent/back doctor on the 15th green?

– Michael Vick announced Saturday that he has retired. In a related story, the NFL announced a year ago that Vick had retired.

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