Random Thoughts: Who will step up for Florida?

by Gary Shelton on September 10, 2017 · 1 comment

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

You are as impressed with J.J. Watt as the rest of us. He's now raised $30 million for Houston to recover from Hurricane Harvey. But who is the Florida version? Jameis Winston? Ndamukong Suh? Gerald McCoy? Jalen Smith? Now, more than ever, the state needs a hero.

-- I wonder if Tom Herman has any advice for Urban Myer, or if he's too busy laughing behind his hand.

–  I'm sure I'm not the only guy who wonders if Chris Godwin was a better third-rounder than Kareem Hunt, who was taken two picks later. Hunt had 246 total yards against the Patriots in his debut.

–  Am I supposed to be in an uproar that Minnesota cut guard Alex Boone for being “out of shape?” Hey, he's a professional athlete. Being in shape should be part of the deal. Otherwise, heaven would have made him a sportswriter.

– So who was this Texas judge who gave Ezekiel Elliott a pass on his suspension? Roy Bean? Or maybe Crazy Ray? Nope. It was Famous Amos Mazzant.

–  Maybe Bill Belichick should lighten up. The last three times the Patriots were 0-1, they won the Super Bowl. But, uh, can we stop that talk about going undefeated?

–  So now Charlene Sumlin, the wife of Texas A&M coach Kevin, is being criticized for making a racist letter to her husband public because “it reflects badly on A&M fans.” Today, A&M fans can look no worse than they did, and to blame Sumlin for it is the most knuckle-dragging move of them all. Oh, the critic didn't sign his name. Shocking, huh?

– New England fans are so funny. One game in, and they're ready to bench Tom Brady. Smart. Classy.

– Tracy McGrady says “I belong to be” in the Hall of Fame. And the world rolls its eyes and says “No, you don't.”

– Roger Goodell keeps ticking fans off even when he's right. That's a gift.

– Antonio Cromartie, 33, just had his 14th child. He can now run seven-on-seven drills in his backyard.

– Wait a minute! Miami is now being accused of canceling its game because it was afraid … of Arkansas State. Right. Mark Richt was afraid of wearing his kicker out with all of those extra points.

– Eagles owner Jeff Lurie told the story about taking former coach Andy Reid to dinner for the first time. Evidently, Reid ordered three steaks … and got the job anyway.

– What does it say when Zeke Eliott, accused abuser, seems to be viewed as the good guy in his struggles against Roger Goodell? What should it say?

– These days, I'm not sure that Charles Manson wouldn't be viewed as the good guy against Goodell.

– Maria Sharapova, in her autobiography, says that “I take full responsibility” for taking the banned drug that got her suspended. Whew! I was afraid she was going to blame someone else.

– The Braves are getting some grief for playing "Rock You Like a Hurricane" during its game against the Marlins. Still, I'm from Florida, and I think it's a better song than that silly "Space Jam" that Steven Souza uses as his walkup song.

– Remember when there was justice in Las Vegas? I mean, that Dan Tanna was pretty efficient.


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