Random thoughts: Who are these NFL coaches?

by Gary Shelton on January 15, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Anthony Lynn? Doug Marrone? Vance Johnson? Sean McVay? That settles it. The NFL has run out of coaches.

– If you think there are too many NFL teams in the playoffs, be reminded. When I was a boy and loved the Baltimore Colts, the team was undefeated going into the last game of the season, and missed the playoffs. Completely.

– The only thing that would be better about Mike Smith returning to the Bucs would be if he personally could rush the passer.

– Did you see where Earl Thomas called out Tom Brady for having an easy route. "Put his a-- in our division," Thomas said. You mean the division with Rams? The division with the 49ers? This year, Seattle's division opponents won 13 games. New England's won 22.

– Am I the only guy who thinks that the Seattle, even more than Dallas or New England, has become the most annoying team in the NFL? Richard Sherman? Michael Bennett? And Marshawn Lynch still comes around to eat Skittles.

– Jim Irsay wanted Jon Gruden to be his coach, but Gruden's not crazy. He has no won-loss record in the booth. No second-guessers. No athletes who want to party on a boat. Good call, Jon.

– The rapper Future – once engaged to Russell Wilson's wife — was at the Seahawks game against Atlanta. Isn't he where the greatness of the Raiders lies? In the future?

– Quick question: The best Packer quarterback of all time? Bart Starr, Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers? I say Rodgers.

– The Sporting News names the seven most hated NFL teams: The '76 Raiders, the '90 Giants, the '93 Oilers, the '92 Cowboy, the '00 Raiders, the '07 Patriots and the '12 Saints. How about the '08 Lions, who didn't win a game? Didn't everyone hate those guys, especially their own fans?

– The next two annoying guys trying to sell you a cheeseburger (like the Checkers' guys and the Steak and Shake guys)? How about Rex Ryan and Jeff Fisher?

– During tirade, Michael Bennett asked Q13 reporter Bill Wixey "What adversity you went through?!" Well, Wixey survived Hodgkin's Lymphoma.Seattle's Bennett jumped a reporter Saturday. "What adversity have you gone through?" he demanded. As it turns out, the reporter -- Bill Wixey -- survived Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Lord, what skull rocks.

– Hymie the Robot, from Get Smart, died. And there goes a piece of my childhood.

– Floyd Mayweather thinks a $25-million offer makes someone a comedian. Offer me that kind of cash, and I'll act you're Jerry Seinfeld.

– This is interesting. Bleacher Report's latest mock has the Bucs drafting Leonard Fournette. On the board when they pick are Auburn defensive end Carl Lawson, Notre Dame quarterback Deshone Kizer, FSU tackle Roderick Johnson and Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey.

– Walterfootball.com has the Bucs taking Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Davis. The site has quarterback Deshaun Watson available, plus Florida defensive tackle Caleb Brantley, Michigan's safety Jabrill Peppers and Florida corner Teez Tabor.

– Maybe it's just me, but for once, I like Bleacher Report better.

– Is Jim Irsay suddenly trying to collect bits of NFL fame the way he has collected rock instruments? Not only did he pitch woo at Gruden, he's talked about putting his franchise in the hands of Peyton Manning. Guess he wants to see the Colts in the Cirtrus Bowl.

– Ringling Brothers is closing “the Greatest Show on Earth.” Did it have a chance after the St. Louis Cardinals shut down “the Greatest Show on Turf?” And if the clowns are gone, where does Ray Perkins go to work?

– For $99, you can get a photo of Johnny Manziel at the Super Bowl. Sorry, Johnny. But of the two of us, I think I should get more money for my picture.

– David Price admits he “let people down” with his performance a year ago. He says he didn't smile enough. For $31 million a year, it seems that Price would have grinned like Chris Rock was coming in over the speakers.

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