Random thoughts: Vikings give a lot for a little

by Gary Shelton on September 4, 2016 · 1 comment

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The Minnesota Vikings gave a first- and a fourth-rounder for Sam Bradford. Don't they get game film in Minnesota?

– Not saying the Bucs are thin, but I understand that Victoria's Secret is starting to sell their jerseys.

– Dallas signed Mark Sanchez? Don't they get game films in Texas?

– As a huge fan of Sly Stone's hair, I was sorry Kenny Bell's didn't make the Bucs.

– On the CBS Sports all-cut team, there weren't any Bucs. I'm guessing they could have 10 more and said the same thing.

– I wonder what Mike Glennon thinks of teams grabbing Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez, two guys who have already proven they can't play.

– Is it too late for LSU to reconsider Les Miles?

– Fox Sports lists five teams that have no shot at reaching the Super Bowl. The Bucs are not on the list. So they have that going for them.

– Before you decide if the Bucs overplayed their hand by asking too much for backup Mike Glennon, remember this: None of us really know what they were asking. But he's worth more as a backup than anything not better than a fourth-rounder.

– What gift should Colin Kaepernick buy for Blane Gabbert? After all, Gabbert assured that Kaepernick will sit at the start of the season.

– Another reason to think Nick Saban is the best coach with a whistle. Trent Richardson, Mark Barron, Rolando McClain and Dee Milliner. Flops.

– Supposedly, the Atlanta Braves are interested in signing Tim Tebow to a baseball contract. Thinking like that is why the Braves are in the fine position they are in.

– Serena Williams has won her 307th professional tennis match, tying her with Roger Federer. Anyone else think she doesn't play enough?

– John Elway denies the Broncos tried to trade Aqib Talib. Next question? Why wouldn't he?

– Couldn't the Rays have sent Tim Beckham further down?

– Does this sound like the Joe Madden you know? Twenty-one different Cubs have started at least 10 games at three different positions. Throw in penguins in the clubhouse, and he's our guy.

– Julianna Pena says Rhonda Rousey has fat arms. So there.

– Shades of E. King Gill. Navy pulled a quarterback, Malcolm Perry, out of the stands to play Saturday. Gill was the guy who did that for Texas A&M in 1922.

– Not certain who decided that FAMU should wear white-on-white uniforms with white numbers. But if you're going to be scheduled as a marshmallow, why not dress that way?

– Pretty cool from college football: Nebraska took an intentional delay of game after sending 10 players onto the field -- leaving a place for their late kicker.

– Pretty college item No. 2: Penn State has a 258-pound placekicker.

– How good is the joint with Steve Spurrier's name? USA Today says Florida Field ranks fifth in the SEC.

– So, can anybody wait for Tennessee-Florida this year?

– Watching the Verizon commercial, here's a question. What if I pick the wrong Jamie Foxx?

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