Random thoughts: Trump one-on-one with LeBron

by Gary Shelton on August 5, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

I try not to take sides in the Trump debate. But a guy who wants to build a wall questioning the smarts of a guy who just opened a new school is kind of silly even for President Thin-Skin.

-- If they played Jeopardy, I'd bet on LeBron. If they played chess, I'd bet on LeBron. If they worked on Rubik's Cubes blindfolded, I'd bet on LeBron.

-- However, Don Lemon indeed may be the dumbest guy on TV. Especially since The Apprentice was canceled.

-- Sports Illustrated on the 2018 Bucs: "Pick a record, any record. With both coach and quarterback on the hot seat and having had so many weaknesses to address, 3-13 is not hard to imagine. But neither is 11-5 if Winston and Koetter find the sweet spot they’ve touched on before." Got that?

-- Why all the fuss about Johnny Manziel, really? The guy threw four interceptions in the first half of his first game. Do you think he knew which color jersey his team was wearing?

-- The Rays were among the "winners" of the trading deadline day by the Big Lead. I imagine if they had dumped Sergio Romo, Blake Snell and Kevin Kiermaier, the site really would have loved them.

-- Let me get this straight. Florida coach Dan Mullen says he has a "no-weapons" rule but that a player can own a gun. If that's not a weapon, the Magnificent Seven were just out for a friendly stroll.

-- Now Terrell Owens wants to be seen a sensible sort who is protesting the "flaws" of the Hall of Fame voting. Yep, there are flaws. After all, Owens got in.

-- If you want to check out what Owens lost by being a lunkhead, just check out Randy Moss's face.

-- Mets' fans may be ready for the couch at this point. If so, they're in luck. An online mental health marketplace is giving free, confidential therapy sessions to Flushing faithful who fill out a form asking for their most difficult moments as fans.

-- Shaquille O'Neal says Kobe Bryant is coming back to play with LeBron James. Right. And he's bringing Jerry West with him.

-- Don't get me wrong. I like Chris Simms. But is Simms the best guy to talk about the clues Tom Brady will leave as his greatness fades?

-- Kelvin Benjamin took a shot at former Carolina teammate Cam Newton's accuracy. Yeah, he's going to love it in Buffalo.

-- Pro wrestler Kane is the newly elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Which means if the county commission doesn't play along, there will be sleeper holds for everyone.

-- Let's follow the bouncing Meyer: First, Urban said he didn't know anything. Then he disparaged the reporter by saying he "created" the mess. Then he said he told his athletic director as he should have. Now, he admits he lied. Anyone else see a spiral down the toilet?

-- Keyshawn Johnson had this to say about former coach Jon Gruden when he was with the Bucs: “I don’t know who (he was trying to be), but I could certainly tell it wasn’t as genuine as the media wanted it to be." Flip-flops, Keyshawn.You wore Flip-flops to practice.

-- This is precious. After a reporter breaks a story, and Meyer lied about it, here was the university's first response. They banned the media. Which is kind of like Butch and Sundance banning posses.

--Urban Meyer is still the favorite to coach Ohio State's first game, but the gap is narrowing. According to Sportsbooks.com, the list is Meyer, followed by Matt Capbell, Ryan Day, Mike Gund, Lane Kiffin, Bob Stoops and Jim Tressel.

-- Jameis Winston has lost his swoosh. He was not renewed by Nike. Translated, Nike was the "winged goddess of victory." Winston is 18-27, well below goddess statistics.

-- Actor Ving Rhames, following strange logic,says that "if Floyd Mayweather isn't better than Muhammad Ali, then Jordan isn't better than LeBron." Also, Elgin Baylor was better than Doctor J, if anyone cares.


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