Random thoughts: The return of the hockey goon

by Gary Shelton on April 17, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello. I'm Justin Abdelkador, and I have a question. How many “o's” are there in goon?

– If you're thinking the Bucs should trade up in the draft, be warned. According to the trade value chart, they could get to fourth by trading their No. 1 and throwing in their second, to seventh by giving their No. 1 and a third.

– If they moved back to say, No. 15, they could add the No. 60 pick in the draft, a late second-rounder.

– Did you see the NBA plans to allow teams to sell of 2.5 by 2.5 inches of their uniforms for ads. In other words, can you wait for Steph Curry to look like  a playing guard for NASCAR.

– Stop me if you've heard this one: Johnny Manziel – you know this isn't going to be good – and a friend are accused a trashing a house in Los Angeles, according to the New York Post's Page Six column. Evidently, there was evidence of drug use, and damages totaled $32,000. Compared to Manziel, it seems, Ryan Leaf was a stand-up guy.

– Quick discussion: Which Florida Gator had the best NFL career: Tim Tebow or Percy Harvin. Discuss.

– Kevin Costner is considering making a movie about the Chicago Cubs. Working title: Field of Screams.

– Kenny Smith thinks Kobe Bryant will be back next season. After all, the hours are great, and he doesn't have to worry about passing the ball.

– I say this will all sincerity: we cannot be sure what Ronda Rousey has spent all her money on, but we can be reasonably certain it was not acting lessons.

– You could have said this about Jameis Winston last year, but the Rams absolutely have to hit on their No. 1 draft pick. If not, it'll take years to recover.

– It's not so much that the Rays won three of their first 10 games. It's that they were a lot closer to 0-10 than 5-5.

– Didn't you used to be Freddy Adu?

– Trivia. Who said this? "I don’t want another coach from another program to be able to come into our state, and be able to basically present their logo and their team and their program in our state." Yeah, it was Chris Ash, the coach at Rutgers, which seems to consider its campus between Orlando and Jacksonville.

– The way I understand it, Drew Rosenhaus, moralist, has put Johnny Manziel on double secret probation. But do we think Manziel is even aware of it?

– Martin Sheen says he believes that O.J. Simpson didn't do it. I am sure he will explain further once he catches the Easter Bunny.

– If Abe Lincoln was a hockey player, his coach would announce was out indefinitely because of an upper body injury.

– So Brad and Angelina might be done? I think it has to do with being ranked second on the list of power couples. In first place is Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

– Fans of the Bucs should like the list of top 10 FSU players from the Sporting News. Jameis Winston was third, Warrick Dunn fourth and Derrick Brooks sixth. No. 1 was Charlie Ward and No. 2 was Deion Sanders.

– If you include their NFL careers, I'd have Derrick Brooks first, Deion second and Dunn third. Winston, however, would bear watching.

– The Florida Gators' list starts with Danny Wuerffel, then goes on to Tim Tebow and Steve Spurrier.

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