Random thoughts: The old ball-coach is back

by Gary Shelton on April 8, 2018 · 0 comments

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You know, I appreciate a stand-up guy talking after a painful loss. But let's face it: The guys aren't rushing into a burning building for answering five or six questions..

-- Steve Spurrier in Orlando? Why, that's just goofy.

-- Evidently, the league wanted Spurrier because he knocked them dead in his NFL days.

-- Michael Bennett's agent swears he's innocent of all charges. Well, that settles that. Or does it?

-- The Super Bowl's best-ever one and done's. 1. Chicago Bears. 2. Seattle Seahawks. 3. Tampa Bay Bucs. 4. St. Louis Rams. 5. New York Jets.

-- The Browns have now traded away quarterbacks Kevin Hogan, Deshone Kizer and Cody Kessler. They previously dealt Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel. Soon, they will trade Brian Sipe, Bernie Kozar and the rights to Otto Graham.

-- Shaquille O'Neal said that after being traded from Miami to Phoenix in 2008, he spent $70,000 at Walmart. One question? How? If you bought one of everything, and two of each DVD, it wouldn't be 70 grand.

-- For the record, I like Spurrier, and I certainly think his Orlando team (The Blooms? The Cepedas? The Wuerffels?) will do better than the first Bucs team he quarterbacked. Spurrier was 0-12 that year.

-- NFL.com ranked the 51 overall No. 1 draft picks, and decided that Peyton Manning was the best. On the list, however, Lee Roy Selmon ranked only ninth (behind Ron Yary?). Others with a Tampa bent include Vinny Testeraverde, way overrated at No. 24, Keyshawn Johnson (Jets) at No. 28, Bo Jackson at No. 29, Jameis Winston at No. 33, Ricky Bell at No. 34 and John Matusak at No. 39.

-- I saw an article that labeled Mike Gundy as "the most interesting coach in college football." I didn't read it, though. I wasn't interested.

-- I like Saquon Barkley. But anyone who thinks he's the best running back college football has seen needs to go back and see the films of Bo Jackson. Or Barry Sanders. Or O.J. Simpson.

-- Say this for Patrick Reed. He may be the first golfer ever endorsed by Richie Incognito.

-- Looking at the mock drafts may lower your i.q., but writing them must detroy it completely. How about this, from Fansided. They not only have the Bucs moving back, they have them moving back 21 picks. What's that? About three second-round draft picks. Oops. The mock fails to mention just what the return is.

-- Question for the Alliance of American Football: What? No Bobby Bowden?

-- Easiest headline in history: The Eagle has landed ... on Mariners' pitcher James Paxton. All in all, Glenn Frey and Don Henley would have been less painful.


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