Random Thoughts: Tebow’s loyalty is to college

by Gary Shelton on October 21, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

I understand where Tim Tebow is coming from when he says Nick Bosa will regret leaving Ohio State to concentrate on the NFL. The thing is, Tebow's legacy (the part he likes) is all about college football. Bosa's isn't. Bosa's just another guy who has left college early. He'll be remembered if he makes it (like his brother) or flops (like his dad). Meanwhile, Tebow will always be remembered for boolah-boolah.

-- If I drank boilermakers, I'd toast Purdue. Just wondering: Why don't they have team called "the Cheeseburgers."

-- Does Urban start to try to talk his way into the playoffs now?

-- Now that the Browns have traded Carlos Hyde, that means more carries for rookie Nick Chubb. Anyone think that Chubb will have more yardage than Ronald Jones?

-- Trivia contest: How many points do the Bucs give up under new defensive coordinator Mark Duffner today?

-- Can Duffner play safety?

-- Dennis Sansoucie, the ex-boyfriend of Aaron Hernandez, says Hernandez "wanted to be a cheerleader." So what you're telling me is that Hernandez was more "Bring It On" than he was "The Longest Yard."

-- It occurs to me the Yankees would have been great in Arena Baseball, where the home runs would have counted double.

-- Jose Altuve was robbed. Next subject?

-- Trivia contest: How many yards passing do the Bucs give up today to Baker Mayfield. No, you may not answer "infinity."

-- Ah, yes. Just what the Raiders need: More Doug Martin.

-- The newest Olympic sport: Perhaps it will be Breaking, which debuted at the Junior Olympic Games in Buenos Aires last month. Just think of the off-shoots? We could have a waltz competition, a twist, a Watusi and the ballet. Casey Kasem could judge.

-- The first gold medalist, by the way, was a Russian named Bumblebee. And I am too old for this world.

-- A statue of Cam Newton was defaced at Auburn. It was shown wearing Alabama underwear. That's a little funny, and it's certainly better than knuckle brains who kill trees.

-- I wonder what Mike Smith thought of the Cards' Mike McCoy getting fired.

-- Trivia contest: Not saying Jameis Winston is immature, but do you think he'll watch Rugrats or Spongebob before Sunday's game?

-- Yardbarker.com lists the 10 worst draft picks in NFL history, and two Bucs made it: Roberto Aguayo and Bo Jackson. That's interesting, but neither player was as bad a pick as Booker Reese, Dexter Jackson, Charlies McRae, Eric Curry or Brad Moritz. Maybe the site should have just picked a Bucs' top 10 and been done with it.

-- I was a little surprised to see the Bucs' listed fourth on an SBnation.com poll of which team should relocate to London. Of course, Dallas was third in the poll, which means the poll came out of Narnia and is based on zero substance.

-- Trivia contest: Now that Gerald McCoy and Vinny Curry are out for today's game against Cleveland, does Vita Vea have a tackle?

-- Odell Beckham cramps up so often because he doesn't like water. I wonder if he's looking forward to the Aquaman movie.

-- Trivia question: Mike Evans will catch more passes than DeSean Jackson, but which player will have more yardage?

-- Amy Schumer says she won't do any Super Bowl Ads because of Colin Kaepernick. How, exactly, am I supposed to figure out how to spend my money? Just asking, but how do we get the other pitchmen off of my TV?

-- Tom Savage certainly made his mark while with the 49ers, huh?

-- I don't know what was going on with Michigan's Devin Bush, but that logo asked for it.

-- Trivia question: Are you happier that Josh Freeman is no longer a Buc, or more relieved that Trent Dilfer isn't.



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