Random thoughts: Suh vs. McCoy? Depends on the money

by Gary Shelton on May 26, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 3 a.m.

An admission: I've always liked Gerald McCoy over Ndamukong Suh. But not almost $4 million worth.

-- Reggie Wayne says Peyton Manning won't be a general manger in the NFL until he owns a team, which will take about three more commercials. Heck, I thought Manning wanted to buy the whole darned league.

-- According to Profootballtalk.com, the Bucs are the eighth-worst franchise in the NFL. Which seems a little high.

-- And isn't it a good thing that Ben Roethlisberger isn't running for public office in Pittsburgh?

-- Gerald McCoy says he'll care about the post-season as he seeks a new team. Wouldn't it have been nice if it was a higher priority in Tampa Bay?

-- Oh, that wacky Dennis Rodman. His latest brush was headlines was to slap a fellow partier...at his 58th birthday party.

-- Donovan McNabb says he's a Hall of Fame player because he had a couple of stats better than Troy Aikman's. He didn't mention Super Bowls. Put it this way: I wouldn't let McNabb in the Hall of Fame if he bought a ticket. Ask Ronde Barber why.

-- You wouldn't expect the Rays to get into a nickel-stacking competition, especially against the Yankees. But reports say both clubs will go after Dallas Keuchel on June 2.

-- Pacman Jones officially retired from the NFL's suspended list.

-- Why did NFL.com rank the NFC South only sixth while evaluating its four starting quarterbacks? Well, it's because of Jameis Winston. "Winston is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL, with a knack for throwing the ball to the other team," the website said

-- Dwyane Wade thought a jug of milk cost $20. And how much for the cookies? Wouldn't you like to be selling him his groceries?

-- Fernando Rodney, the archer, may have fired his last arrow. Rodney, 42, was designated for assignment by the As with a 9.42 earned run average.

-- Giving one trade prospect for each major league team, Yardbarker.com suggests the Rays go after catcher Francisco Cervelli.


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