Random Thoughts: Should Rays call Winston?

by Gary Shelton on March 8, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hello, I'm Harrison Ford. See what happens when you try to make the Kessel run in 11 parsecs?

-- So scuba divers had to go down to get Rory McElroy's 3-iron. While they were down there, did they find Davey Jones' locker. And last year's Bucs' season?

-- Would anyone else find it to be a hoot if the Tampa Bay Rays called Jameis Winston and said “Hey, as long as you're in town, why not drop by the Trop and meet with us.” And that sound you just heard was Jason Licht's head exploding.

-- So the Jets are essentially prepared to swap Percy Harvin for Brandon Marshall? Isn't that like trading in Excedrin for Advil?

-- The Bucs have been shortchanging their cheerleaders? Are we sure the Glazers didn't confuse them with their offensive line, which is slightly less physical?

-- I see where Nate Jackson, the old Bronco, says it was marijuana that kept him from being in pain during his career. That, and all those Cheetos.

-- So the Eagles may resign Mark Sanchez. Yeah, that's almost as good as trading for Marcus Mariota. I mean, can you imagine the fans who were disappointed he might not hit the market?

-- On behalf of the media, I have this to say about Marshawn Lynch: No comment.

-- The Bucs have re-signed the four horsemen: Larry English, Luke Stocker, Jason Williams and Major Wright. Are they cured yet? Who do you have in the pool as the first one to make a play?

-- Academic fraud? Illegal benefits? Drug policy violations? Yep. At age 70, Jim Boeheim is ready for the SEC.

-- It isn't the time for guys to talk about beating women, but former Cowboy Jesse Holley says he could win over Rhonda Rousey. Ray Rice, thankfully, was mum.

-- An ugly crash at the golf course? Was Harrison Ford flying or preparing for The Tiger Woods Story?

-- Because Herschel Walker's kid is a cheerleader, the Minnesota Vikings have decided they'll only give up half of their future for his rights.

- Now that Derek Jeter has retired, the Yankees are considering going without a captain. They will, however, name A-Rod as their “Sergeant Schultz.''

– Just asking. When Jimbo Fisher says Winston is the best quarterback he's ever had play for him, is he thinking of E.J. Manuel as No. 2. Or Jamarcus Russell?

-- I don't know exactly how many reasons there are for the Bears to get rid of Jay Cutler, but I can think of 10 million.

-- When Steve Kerr compares Bulls' forward Draymond Green to Dennis Rodman, he isn't talking about North Korea, Carmen Electra or wedding dresses. But I still think Green has a lawsuit.

-- You know, like the one Rhonda Rousey has when Roy Jones Jr. compares her to Mike Tyson.

-- It definitely isn't nice when Hope Solo is compared to Tonya Harding.

-- So is this sports, or are we bringing back the 90s?

– In an attempt to solidify their infield, the Rays have put in a bid for $3.18 toward Cuban player Hector Olivera.

-- Prosecutors say DNA matching Aaron Hernandez was at the murder scene. No word if Alex Rodriguez's DNA was there, too.

-- I see where Ringling Brothers is going to remove elephants from their circuses. In a related story, Japan will try to remove 600-pound sumo wrestler Eric "Little'' Yarborough from the buffet line.

– I'm not sure of the name of Tiger Woods' new restaurant. But is Yips taken?

-- So I wonder who Ryan Leaf has in his mock draft at No. 1? Winston or Mariota?

-- The wish-I'd-written-that item this week is from the New York Post, which had a large headline that says “A-Rod Singles*.'' And below that, it says “*Would have been a homer on the juice.''

-- Of all of the problems that Bucs' quarterback Josh McCown had last year, who knew that being underpaid was one of them?

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