Random Thoughts: Rooney’s passing leaves a space

by Gary Shelton on April 16, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

One thing I'll always remember about Dan Rooney. At halftime of Steelers' games, he would stand in line for food at Steelers' games. No room-service filet mignon. No wine and caviar. Hot dogs and chili. How many owners can you say that about?

–  A thought about Jackie Robinson. Can you imagine the crap he would have to put up with if he came along today with all the anonymous tweets and posts?

– Reason ex-Buc receiver Louis Murphy had a loaded gun: United isn't throwing  him off the plane.

– Does anyone else think the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce began when she asked "what's in your wallet?"

– What if the Bucs had their pick of the top three players in this draft? Just a guess, but given their needs, I'd pick Leonard Fournette, then Jamal Adams, then Myles Garrett.

– Maybe it's the tunes. Only one Ray made the list of USAToday's top 73 walkup songs. It was Mallex Smith's Head Bussa, a ditty by Lil Scrappy. Smith probably should have used a song called “hamstring tugger” instead.

– As it turns out, Eli Manning would sell you the shirt off of his back.Well, not his back. But someone's back.

– I always said if I had to go to college again, I'd go to the University of Colorado.Warren Sapp, I assume, is going to Coastal Carolina.

– Martellus Bennett says going from Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers is “like going from J-Lo to Halle Berry.” Which proves that a) he's funny and b) he hasn't seen Catwoman.

– Reason ex-Buc receiver Louis Murphy was carrying a loaded gun: Dang it, a man needs two packs of peanuts.

– See. Vince Naimoli is a better guy than you thought. Then again, he'd have to be.

– Good for John Calipari getting that 30-for-30 special just before recruiting season. First Kentucky player to find the school library wins.

– Any minute now, the offers are going to come rolling in for fired g.m. Rob Hennigan of the Orlando Magic. I think McDonald's is hiring.

–  What do the following athletes have in common? Jamie Collins, Randy Moss, Lawyer MIilloy, Richard Semour, Adam Vinatieri, Asante Samuel, Willie Machinist, Wes Welker, Mike Vrabel, Logan Mankins, Deion Branch, Vince Wilfork, Aaron Hernandez, Chandler Jones, Danny Woodhead, Chandler Jones and Darrelle Revis? Answer: Bill Belichick sent them all packing. In other words, teams have to make tough decisions.

– The Big Lead did a mock draft, probably because everyone else does. It's an interesting take, though. It has Dalvin Cook going No. 14, O.J. Howard going to the Bucs at No. 19 and Joe Mixon going to the Raiders at No. 24.

–  I saw a headline that suggested that the Saints top three choices could make or break the team's Super Bowl chances. If you're talking about this year's Super Bowl, those choices better be ReggieWhite, Lawrence Taylor and Barry Sanders.

–  Reason ex-Buc receiver Louis Murphy was carrying a loaded gun: He's seen Air Force One too many times.

–  Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty. On the other hand, so were O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Lizzie Borden and the Chicago Black Sox.

– Roddy White says he retired. The statement came a year after 32 teams said they had previously retired Roddy.

– New Jersey governor Chris Christe isn't buying that Eli Manning's email was "taken out of context," as if context had anything to do with asking the equipment manager for two helmets that could pass as game-used. Christie said, brought that Manning put the Lie in Eli. Manning did not respond,  being distracted by his pants being on fire.

– Wow. The world is rushing to trade for Richard Sherman, huh?

– Jon Gruden's favorite quarterback in the NFL draft is Patrick Mahomes, he said. I wonder if he likes him better than he did Bruce Gradkowski.

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