Random thoughts: Pats’ squabbles delight league

by Gary Shelton on January 7, 2018 · 0 comments

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I'm stunned to hear that Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick might have a personality clash. Who knew Belichick had one?

-- Either way, isn't this delicious?

-- From now on, we should change Jon Gruden's name from Chucky to Dr. Evil. One hundred million dollars!

-- So, how much for Monte to win it for you?

-- O.J. Simpson is threatening to sue a bar in Las Vegas for $100 million after being banned. That way, he can hang out with Gruden.

-- Sometimes, insults are funnier than they are mean. LeVar Ball has called Hall of Famers Charlies Barkley, Shannon Sharpe and Chris Carter 'Roody Poos and Fakes." While I'd love to be called a Roody Poo -- who knows what it means? -- it would hurt more if the person throwing the insults had ever done diddly.

-- Get this: Analysts say Britney Spears could make $100 million for a Vegas appearance. And that's even if she doesn't make the playoffs.

-- I understand Belichick was so tempted by the Giants job he wanted to talk to friends about it. A shame he was fresh out. Reminds you of the time a bar asked him to leave so they could have happy hour.

-- The Bucs, it turns out, were willing to give Gruden a $100 million contract, too. It was going to run for a million years, though.

-- NFLspinzone.com graded all of the first-round rookies. O.J. Howard of the Bucs got a B. Counting the grade of "incomplete", 15 players graded the same or lower.

-- So, is Mike Mularkey safe yet?

-- It isn't Gruden money, but LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda can afford to supersize. He'll make $10 million over the next four years, more than 75 head coaches in college football, all because he said no to Jimbo and Texas A&M.

-- Donovan McNabb has thrown another one away. This time, it was his career.

-- Maybe Gruden wasn't the Raiders' first choice. I read that Barbra Streisand turned down a $100 million Las Vegas deal.

-- I don't think Alabama can win the national title because I saw them lose to Auburn. I don't think Georgia can win the national title because I aw them lose to Auburn.

-- Think of it like this. If three quarterbacks go in front of them, the Bucs essentially have the No. 4 pick in the NFL draft. Right?

---  Lady GaGa has signed a $100 million deal with Las Vegas. Then again, hasn't everyone?

-- The basic reason that the Patriots won't break up. Analysis. Tom Brady is too smart to think every coach is Bill Belichick, and Belichika is far to bright to think every owner is Robert Kraft, and Kraft is far too astute to think every quarterback is Tom Brady. Why mess with success?

-- I read reports that say former Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez once had his wife and his mistress on the sidelines at the same time in 2015. What a shame. You'd think one of the women could find something better to do that watch an Arizona game.

-- Marcus Mariota needs more decent receivers. You know, like Marcus Mariota.

-- Now that the Lions are interviewing former Tampa Bay Buc Winston Moss, can the franchise please get Steve Young back? Young, the Hall of Famer, was traded for a second-round pick (and a fourth-rounder) that was used to draft Moss. Well, oops.

-- A bit of perspective. The franchise cost of the original Bucs was $16 million. That means Gruden could have purchased six franchises and had change left over for Lambourghinis.

-- Yeah, criticize Mike Glennon if you want, but he upped his completions from 10 in 2016 to 93 in 2017, his victories from zero to one and his bank account by 15 million. Of course, he lost almost 50 points on his quarterback rating, but who's quibbling?

-- I don't think the Lithuanian sports writer who asked LiAngelo Ball out was really looking for a date. I just thought she saw an opportunity to get a cheap pair of sunglasses.

-- Nick Saban says he likes oatmeal cream pies and the Rolling Stones. Just wait til he discovers pecan and the Beatles.





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