Random thoughts: NFL a Reefer Madness sequel?

by Gary Shelton on April 15, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Did you read where former NFL player Martellus Bennett estimated that 89 percent of players smoked marijuana, which is three percent higher than actors in the Cheech and Chong movies? What does that say about the efficiency of Roger Goodell's drug-testing policies? I think the only way you fail for marijuana is if you show up smoking.

-- I guess that explains why the Texans are trying to sign Willie Nelson as a free agent.

-- Would Alex Cobb have saved the Rays' season? Probably not. He started his first game Saturday and lost 10-3.

-- According to NextGen.stats.com, Jameis Winston has thrown into the second-tightest windows in the NFL. Think that explains his interceptions?

-- Yeah, everyone wants a new quarterback for USF. But after a 56-55 spring game, how about a little defense?

-- When Richie Incognito said he was retiring, did no one think to get it in writing?

--Would Evan Longoria have saved the Rays' season? Probably not. He's hitting .149.

-- Mark Sanchez tried to explain a  positive drug test by pointing out that he had taken 73 tests without testing positive. Yeah. And O.J. Simpson returned sunglasses to Nicole's house 54 straight times without blood spilling.

-- Adam Rippon is now in a dance competition against Tonya Harding. Watch the knees, Adam. Watch the knees.

-- Would Steven Souza have saved the Rays' season? Probably not. He's hitting .236.

-- One of the complements to Bill Belichick is that he's built his dynasties for pennies on the dollar. How good would the Patriots be if they still had Chander Ward, Jamie Collins, Malcolm Butler, Jimmy Garappolo, Nate Solder, Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks?

-- I'm used to coaches blaming the media. I've heard them blame the refs. I've heard them blame bad luck. Saturday night, however, Gregg Popovich blamed ... Gatorade.

-- Would Logan Morrison have saved the Rays' season? Probably not. He's hitting .088 with no homers.

-- Just wondering: If Colin Kaepernick not only stood during the anthem, but made meals for homeless vets in attendance and recited the pledge of allegiance and led his fellow players in the reenactment of a battlefield march, would he get a job yet? Or would people hold his inability to play against him?

-- Now that Frank Vogel is out of the way, does anyone think the Magic are okay now?

-- Would Jake Odorizzi have saved the Rays' season? Couldn't hurt. He has a 2.20 ERA after three starts.

-- The Sportingnews.com had a toddler rank the mascots, and Raymond-the-Whatever-He-Is of the Rays finished 24th. So I guess he has bragging rights, huh?

-- SBNation now has the Bucs taking defensive tackle Vita Vea because, well, it's his turn. So far, Vea is the ninth player that SBNation has the Bucs taken. Hey, there are only six players who will go in front of the Bucs' pick. Is there a clearer statement that the website has no idea what's going on?

-- Would Corey Dickerson have saved the Rays' season? He would have helped. He's hitting .356.

-- After Florida's spring game, one thing can be certain. No one knows who the quarterback will end up being.

-- According to Todd McShay, who knows everything t about the draft that Mel Kiper that does not,  none of the half-dozen or so vaunted quarterbacks have the grades that, gulp, Blaine Gabbart had. He also says Sam Darnold has the same grade as Ryan Tannehill, which is just plain mean. Baker Mayfield has the same grade as Johnny Manziel, which is, so to speak, sobering.

-- I wonder what the Duke of Manchester thought of the Lightning game being attended by the Prince of Sweden.

-- Interesting stat in the FSU spring game. The attendance was 60,000. They were not there to sing farewell songs to Jimbo Fisher.


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