Random Thoughts: Kaepernick has wrong target

by Gary Shelton on August 28, 2016 · 0 comments

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Yeah, America has been simply awful to Colin Kaepernick. The problem isn't that Kaepernick won't stand for America. It's that he hasn't given his fans any reason to rise to their feet.

– I'm all for athletes expressing themselves, and yes, there are problems. But this seems like Kaepernick has the wrong target. The anthem represents homage to those who fought for this country. They aren't the folks in the way.

– I have the title for the documentary. “From Lochte to Locked Up.”

– Something to think about. Tony Romo is two years older than Troy Aikman was when back injuries forced him to retire.

– I always point out that if the game is in Canada or Great Britain (or any other country), the anthem of that nation is played. And players stand, not because they endorse the policies or the justice system involved. They do it out of respect for the fans.

– Idea for reboot: Mrs. Doubtfire, starring Caitlyn Jenner.

– The reason the Rays are cutting Desmond Jennings now? They couldn't do it on July 1?

– Loved the story that Clint Hurdle had to comfort a former player who feared ghosts at a Milwaukee hotel. Who wants to wake up slimed?

– Idea for reboot: The Longest Yard, starring O.J. Simpson.

– I have my own ghost story. When my sons were small, they had a jack in the box that went off one night (we heard it through a baby monitor). I thought the boys were fooling around, so I went into their room...and they were asleep. It happened again. I snuck in...and they were asleep. I dug into the bottom of their toy chest and found the jack in the box. I hid it on a shelf in the closet and made sure it wasn't wound up. And it happened again. I beat that toy to a pulp. Now, I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in Jack.

– I wonder if Francis Scott Key would stand for the way Kaepernick played quarterback?

– In their latest offer, the San Diego Chargers promise to pay Joey Bosa what his dad, John Bosa, got from the Dolphins...in the 80s.

– I wonder what Manon Rheaume thinks about a TV series about a pro athlete … 25 years later?

– Turns out, Ryan Lochte doesn't have time to return to Brazil for trial what with saving Private Ryan and all.

– Hope Solo is suspended from the U.S. National team til the New Year. Yeah, that'll teach her.

– Now that Tony Romo is out, I wonder how long Dallas will stay enamored with Dak Prescott.

– Idea for a reboot: No Country for Old Men, starring Drew Brees.

– I wonder what Josh Freeman thought of Jameis Winston Friday night.

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