Random thoughts: Just how cheap are the Rays?

by Gary Shelton on March 11, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 3:30 p.m.

I realize the bullpens are close, but I can't shake the feeling that the reason that that the Rays have declined the retro-car that would haul their pitchers to the mound is that the players' union won't let them kick in for gas.

-- Of all people, Johnny Manziel has called for college athletes to be paid. After all, how else are they supposed to pay their bar tabs?

-- The thing you most envy about the new Seattle Seahawks: With no Michael Bennett and no Richard Sherman, man, it's quiet around here.

-- So O.J. has told a book publisher that he did commit the murders he was accused of. That increases those who think he was guilty to 4,872,484. These days, O.J. seems to tell everyone, including his Uber driver.

-- Did you see that the Cavs' suspended J.R. Smith for throwing a bowl of chicken tortilla soup at assistant coach Damon Jones? It's not Smith's fault, of course, that he was fresh out of clam chowder.

-- I can't wait to see how much LeVar Ball will charge for his imported Lithuanian water. I think I'll wait for him to begin to sell air.

-- I don't really know why Jodie Foster was on crutches at the Academy Award, but I think it has something to do with I, Tonya.

--When his University of Michigan bio says that Jim McElwain's offense was "explosive" at Florida, is that because plays kept blowing up in the huddle?

-- Now that they're wheeling and dealing, how many games do you think the Cleveland Browns will win in 2018? And will it be more than the Bucs?

--It's hard to blame a war-torn Cleveland fans for finally getting excited, but I'm not ready to pay for playoff tickets after the team acquired a slot receiver, a pedestrian quarterback and an inconsistent corner. The Browns will win more, but they won't win enough.

-- Richard Sherman is a 49er. The local media will need more tape recorders. Lots more tape recorders.

-- Teams that won one Super Bowl, but should have won more. 1. Chicago Bears.  2. St. Louis Rams. 3. Tampa Bay Bucs. 4. Kansas City Chiefs. 5. Indianapolis Colts. 6. Seattle Seahawks.

-- After seeing the welcome that Tiger Woods got in Tampa,O.J. Simpson is ready to join the Bucs, Barry Bonds the Rays and the Hanson Brothers the Lightning. Lizzie Borden is ready  to chop til she drops.

-- Did you see where O.J. Simpson said he was the victim of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson? Why? Because he lost a perfectly good pair of gloves?

-- I don't know quite what to make of this, but I think the Tampa Bay Rays just traded Mike Evans because he makes too much money.

-- Remember when Rory McElroy suggested that Tigermania cost Tiger Woods two strokes a tournament? Just think. That's what separates Woods from leading the Valspar.

-- Have you forgotten about Orlando Brown, whose combine times were so slow he may still be running? The Sporting News predicts that he'll be drafted ... by the Bucs ... with the No. 7 pick. Yikes. Personally, I'd rather the Bucs draft Charles McRae again and be done with it.

-- The DenofGeek.com says that Joe Pendleton (Heaven Can Wait) played by Warren Beatty was the best movie quarterback ever. I'm going to go with Paul Krewe (Burt Reynolds) from The Longest Yard.

-- Bleacher Report ranks the 10 states that have the most NFL talent. It ranks Texas ahead of Florida, by the way, which is going to surprise a lot of college coaches in the Lone Star State.



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