Random thoughts: Is the world ready for Coach Dilfer?

by Gary Shelton on January 20, 2019 · 2 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

He's rested. He's ready.

Former Bucs' quarterback Trent Dilfer (mediocre quarterback, terrific analyst) has now entered the world of coaching. Dilfer will lead the  Lipscomb Academy high school football team. Congrats, Trent, and may you never be frustrated enough to coach a guy like Trent Dilfer.

-- All that separates the Rays from Manny Machado, it seems, is the language of the contract. The White Sox are offering $175 million over seven years. The Rays would offer $8 million over 175 years.

-- Clemson wins the national championship, and they get Big Macs from Donald Trump, who evidently thinks the program deserved a break today. Trump would have gone to Taco Bell, but he's trying to build a wall around it.

-- With Kliff Kingsbury as head coach, and now possibly Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator, the Cardinals are moving into position to dominate the talk of the 2020 mock drafts. Maybe 2021, too.

-- A lot of people are grilling Jets' quarterback Sam Darnold for being cheap in the Christmas presents he purchased for his offensive linemen (grill tools and gift certificates for steaks). Of course, after he was sacked 30 times and pressured into 17 interceptions, they are lucky they didn't get lumps of coal.

-- Did anyone see the Rays' signing of Avisail Garcia and think "well, they're complete now!"

-- According to betdsi.com, there are only four teams in the NFL (Atlanta, Baltimore, Jacksonville and New Orleans) that are less likely than the Bucs to obtain Antonio Brown in the off-season. Personally, I'd rather see them re-sign Keyshawn Johnson.

-- As long as Jameis Winston is eating wins, can he have a second helping, please?

-- Manny Pacquiao says he can beat Floyd Mayweather now because he's healthy. I say who cares? If I want to see old men play slap-tag, personally, I'd rather see Statler fight Waldorf on the Muppet Show.

-- Prediction: New Orleans over the Los Angeles Rams.

-- If USF fans are trying to ease their pain by noting someone else's,  well, UConn is there for you. The Huskies not only went 1-11, but they paid head coach Randy Edsall $56,000 in bonuses. Wow. Must have been a good bonus.

-- Former Bucs' quarterback Turk Schonert has died at 62. He coached Bucs' quarterbacks for four years, which took him from Vinny Testaverde to Craig Erickson to Trent Dilfer, which can be hard on a guy.

-- Roger Federer was denied access to the clubhouse at the Australian Open because he didn't have the proper credentials. Really? The guy's face is on racket covers, towels, t-shirts and watches. Couldn't someone have vouched for him?

-- Prediction: The Chiefs over the New England Patriots.

-- TheBigLead.com has undoubtedly heard all the recent praise of Bucs' quarterback Jameis Winston. They aren't buying any of it. They're listed among 13 teams that could draft Oklahoma's Kyler Murray. Yeah, if he drops to the fourth round.

-- When the Raiders eventually get to Las Vegas, could Jon Gruden be the next Wayne Newton? Hey, he's rich, he's glitzy, and he's had exactly one hit.

-- Maybe Jason Licht should bring back Roberto Aguayo and play him at cornerback. Just a thought.


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