Random thoughts: Is a Cy Young in Snell’s future?

by Gary Shelton on September 30, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 3:30 a.m.

Famous Youngs: Neil, Loretta, Steve, Mighty Joe  and the Cy that will soon be in Blake Snell's mitts.

- If you aren't smart enough to tweet in the proper direction, you're more of a lost cause than your victim. Ask TV reporter Chris Conte, who's taking grief for the stiff-arm that was inflicted upon Bucs' safety Chris Conte. At least he's better off than my old friend Jerry Sandusky (we worked in Miami together). After the Penn State scandal, you can imagine the flak he took.

-- Pittsburgh's James Harrison suggests that Le'Veon Bell report back to the Steelers ... and fake an injury. That would put Bell in the company of Rosie Ruiz and other frauds. If it were to get out, Bell would be ruined, the Steelers would be embarrassed and the NFL should be ashamed of itself. Nice idea, James.

-- The early mock drafts all have the Bucs taking a cornerback. A year after drafting Carlton Davis and M.J. Stewart, I'm not so sure. Maybe a defensive end. Maybe an offensive tackle. Maybe even another running back.

-- In CBSsports.com's quarterback power rankings, Ryan Fitzpatrick is 18th. That's kind of silly, seeing how he has three 400-yard days. But what do I know?

-- I used to play records. Little did I know I could have been a very rich d.j.

--  Remember back when no tennis player over the age of 25 could win. Guess what? According to fivethirtyeight.com. no man currently under the age of 30 has ever won a major tennis tournament. The new age, we assume, is playing video games.

-- I've been slow to sit down and watch I, Tonya because, well, I lived it. (It was my first figure skating competition). And it would have been more complete only if there were Flying Monkees and talking lions. Not close to the truth, even for Hollywood.

-- Idea for a new roughing-the-passer rule in the NFL. The defensive end can now yell "gotcha" at the quarterback, but he has to add "...if you don't mind."

-- Gil Brandt of NFL.com sees the Bucs as being "on the outside looking in." He points out that Tampa Bay was 2-1 last year, too, and got lost. He criticizes the running game and the secondary. Brandt was there for the Frankfort Yellow Jackets' first draft, but he's got a point. That's two of the spots where you worry.

-- If Chris Long of the Eagles isn't your favorite player, he should be. He's donating his entire salary for the season to support children's literacy.

-- Now, here's a bad idea: The BigLead.com suggests the Bucs trade Jameis Winston and draft a quarterback next season. What's wrong with that is that Winston is at the low point as far as his return. What are you going to get for him. And 2), most mock predictors think the Bucs will draft in the middle of the pack this year. What does that get you? Josh Freeman? Better to let it play out and trust your investment (even though it may be hard).

-- Is Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown the unhappiest star in the NFL? If I couldn't make more of an impact against the Bucs' secondary, I'd shut up.

-- Bill Hancock, the executive director of the college football playoff,  says there is "a path" for UCF to get to the national title game. Unfortunately for the Knights, that patch goes through Neverland, Narnia, Camelot, Fantasia and Hogwart's Academy.

-- I'm pulling for Jon Gruden. I really am. But at 0-3, it's apparent that what Gruden really, really needs is for Tony Dungy to have coached the Raiders for the past few years.

-- Listed third on the Sportingnews.com's list of "NFL regrets" are the Bucs taking Vita Vea over Derwin James. It certainly may turn out that way, but why don't we wait until Vea has touched the field?

-- No one ever hit more home runs than the Yankees this year. I'm sure the Red Sox are very impressed.

-- When Sergio Romo pitches, I think they should move the children out of the outfield seats.




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