Random thoughts: Here in Tampa Bay, we’re hurting

by Gary Shelton on May 12, 2019 · 0 comments

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It started when Victor Hedman was hurt in the playoffs. Then it was Jason Pierre-Paul. Now it's Tyler Glasnow. Suddenly, Tampa Bay Sports are a MASH unit.

-- Not only that, but the Red Power Ranger died.

-- According to theBigLead.com, the Rays' Kevin Cash is the third-best manager in baseball. That's three slots ahead of Joe Maddon of the Cubs. Also ranked were Gabe Kapler (12), Rocco Baldelli (18), Charlie Montoya (22) and Dave Martinez (28).

-- Talk about overrated. USA Today did a power ranking of NFL teams after the draft, and the Bucs were 21st. Whee.

-- Thesportsdrop.com recently published their top 25 college quarterbacks of all time, and it's pure hooie. It has Paul Hornung, the worst Heisman Trophy winner in the history of history, in at No. 2. It has Steve Spurrier at No 22, Ken Dorsey at No. 18, Danny Wuerffel at No. 12 and Tim Tebow at No. 4. But no Jameis Winston, who was a heck of a college quarterback (accent on the word college). Are you really going to say that Dorsey was better than Winston in college?

-- Here's a game:Which date will Tyler Glasnow make his return? How does July 14 sound?

-- Dennis Rodman can't stay out of trouble. Now, he's accused of the theft of a geode amethyst crystal” that was for sale for $2,500 by a yoga studio. Evidently, he thought it would look good in the Mangyongdae Funfair in North Korea.

--Speaking of which, what game will Pierre-Paul make his debut? How about Oct. 27, after a bye week, against Tennessee?

-- Just wondering, but when does Derek Jeter fire Derek Jeter?

-- I'm glad Ronde Barber is being honored by going into  the Ring of Honor as the 13th member. But here's a question: How deep should the ring be for a team with playoff victories in only four seasons?

-- Yeah, if I ran the Lakers, I'd look for a castoff from the Orlando Magic to be my new head coach. Hey, if you can't win with the Magic's team, you can't win with Magic's old team.

-- It isn't enough to say that Edwin Jackson is an ex-Tampa Bay Ray. Heck, Edwin is an ex-everybody. When he makes his debut for the Blue Jays, who just aquired him, it will be his 14th team. Guy can't keep a job.

-- Now, Albert Pujols says he doesn't want the baseball he hit for his 2000th RBI. He says the fan can keep it. One clue: If it says "Nerf" on it, it probably isn't the real ball.



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