Random thoughts: Good memories of Aikman

by Gary Shelton on December 18, 2016 · 1 comment

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

A little appreciation for the Cowboys. I once covered a Dallas-Philadelphia game in which the Eagles went crazy. They knocked down Troy Aikman like 12 times in a huge win. It was hard for me, because I had an interview set up with Troy the next day. I figured he'd beg off from the soreness. But he didn't. He walked me out to the practice field, and we sat and talked for 45 minutes. Classy guy.

– First, the wonderful Bud Collins. Now, the passionate Craig Sager. Evidently, only Don Cherry is keeping the tailors of Dress-in-the-Dark Clothing in business.

– Jeff Fisher says he wanted to play against the Rams. Well, who doesn't?

– Donnell Pumphrey's bowl stats count. Those of Ron Dayne and Tony Dorsett, who had more yardage, don't. So don't buy Pumphrey as the all-time rushing leader. Do the math.

– Pat McAfee is one of those electrifying performers you love to see at Christmas. He paid off the electric bills of more than 100 families in Indianapolis.

– In the this-is-amusing department, Colts' defender Robert Mathis said his team wasn't the strongest mentally. Then he was offended the media used those quotes. Which proves the Colts are not the sharpest mentally, either.

– Dallas memories part II: I remember a personnel director shaking his head at the thought of Emmitt Smith. “Who's the comparable?,” he said. And maybe that was the point. Maybe Smith was incomparable.

– Leonard Fournett is sitting out the Citrus Bowl as LSU plays Louisville in order to prepare for the NFL. But when does that stop? In the season finale? As soon as the team is eliminated from the conference title game? His entire senior year? Bad form, I say.

– Now that the NFL has  included Dodgeball in their Pro Bowl game, is there a chance Ben Stiller could be a ringer? That way, I'd have more reasons to keep the TV off.

– Ben McAdoo's claim that the Giants are aiding the NFL's investigation of the team's use of Walkie-Talkies – illegal under league rules – is like Butch and Sundance investigating bank robberies.

– Dallas thoughts, Part III: I once asked Jerry Jones at an owner's meeting why success wasn't enough for Jimmy Johnson and him. He assured me it was. “We'll be together a long time.” Two days later, they were done.

– The Buffalo Bills are offering free tickets to fans who help them shovel snow. They're paying $10 an hour, or $8 if you dump the snow on Rex Ryan.

– I loved the reason that Allen Iverson said he didn't lift weights. “They were too heavy.” Oh.

– If I was the New York Yankees, I wouldn't be worried at all to hear Aroldis Chapman's gripes about being tired while winning a World Series, especially when I paid the guy $86 million. “Gee, Aroldis. Might I get you more lemonade? And do you think you might work an inning today? No? Tomorrow?”

– This just in: From now on, Kentucky's recruits will merely have to drive across campus on their way to the NBA draft. Thank you.

– Two questions about the radio broadcaster trying to leak Wake Forest's game plans. One, they were doing this by plan? Two: How does a radio guy get game plans?

– If Jeff Fisher gets another chance, which he wants, and he loses one more game, does Dan Reeves celebrate on the sideline? They're tied for most losses ever.

– Dallas memories, IV: I remember that silly run by Jameis Winston a year  ago in which he simply wouldn't go down. It was the single biggest play of the year to me, and he convinced me that Winston is more ballplayer than quarterback, which is meant in the best-possible way.

– Bucs' defensive coordinator Mike Smith is having a lot of people connect-the-dots to put him in Jacksonville. As they say in Jacksonville, at least it's not Cleveland.

– Know that commercial where the doctor skates through the Tampa Bay Lightning. I think it's time to call him up.

– I saw a mock draft with Dalvin Cook lasting until pick no. 20. Which causes this thought: If the receivers and safeties the Bucs want aren't there, would they draft Cook to take pressure off of Doug Martin? It would certainly help Jason Licht with his FSU collection.

– What's the similarities in these court cases? O.J. Simpson, Lizzie Bordon and the Chicago Black Sox? They were all found not guilty.

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