Random thoughts: Did Rays send Snell to bottom?

by Gary Shelton on May 14, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

The way I see it, the question wasn't whether the Rays send pitcher Blake Snell down. The question is how far down they sent him.

– According the TheSpun.com, Florida would hire Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy if Jim McElwain left. FSU would hire, according to the site, former Heisman winner Chris Weinke.

– David Njoku thought Joe Thomas was a Cleveland Browns coach, which is a terrible thing to think about anybody.

– Bob Griese thinks a quarterback should be able to decide how much air is in the football. In a related story, Griese also thinks a shortstop should be able to say if his baseball team plays with a softball.

– For going 18-15-5, Ben Bishop is getting almost $30 million on a five-year contract from Dallas. Gee. If he'd have won 20, would he have his own team?

– Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson says he may run for president. I'd say that was a silly idea, that all the guy has ever done was be a bad actor and a weird celebrity. On the other hand, people vote for that, don't they?

– I wonder what Josh Freeman, Akili Smith and Ryan Leaf think of Colin Kaepernick's failure to land an NFL job?

– USA Today reports there are 51 dogs named after Derek Jeter in New York. There are 191 named after Mickey. There was no info on how many dogs were named after A-Rod, although he's the biggest dog of them all. In the world of dogs named after baseball players, he's Marmaduke.

– NFL.com makes their predictions for the coming year. Third on the list is that the Bucs will make the playoffs. They also say that quarterback Jameis Winston will emerge as a “legit star.” Which puts Tampa Bay in great shape for those standings dedicated to May.

– Myles Garrett will accept criticism from Bruce Smith. He will not accept it from my buddy Booger McFarland or from Warren Sapp. Garrett should brace himself. There will be a lot more criticism to come.

– A Cleveland radio host named Sabrina Parr suggested that Browns' rookie Jabrill Peppers is “high all the time...on Molly and “on the lean.” Which means that Parr, who has been fired, has a better scouting report than most of us. Parr, of course, said she was misquoted … on the radio.

– Tom Brady has a) broken a mirror; b) walked under a ladder; and c) appeared on the cover of the new Madden to show he doesn't believe in curses. Of course, he didn't volunteer to be traded to Cleveland, did he?

– Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens are still arguing over who the better receiver was. That's easy. It was Jerry Rice.

– Yes, Mike Glennon should start against the Bucs in Week Two. According to CBSsports.com, Glennon won't lose his job to Mitch Trubisky until Week Five.

– One name to look out for on the recruiting trail is rising sophomore quarterback Max Johnson. His dad is ex-Bucs quarterback Brad Johnson, the Bull, who led the Bucs to the Super Bowl. I wonder if Max changed jerseys every quarter, too.

– According to NFL.com, the Bucs' draft class was the sixth-best in the NFL this year. Of course, there were years it didn't make the top 35.

– NFL.com isn't completely in love with the Bucs, however. They picked their 2017 all-rookie team, and no Bucs made it, not even tight end O.J. Howard, who was the first guy taken at the position.

– Do you do your job as well as Jay Cutler did his? Well, think of this. Cutler made $112,196,087 from the Broncos and Bears. Don't you wish the Bucs had pulled off that trade for him now?

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