Random thoughts: Could Manning lead the Jets?

by Gary Shelton on May 19, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Rumor has it that the Jets want Peyton Manning to be their general manager. But football isn't like hockey. Most of great players don't make great administrators. Of course, you can debate that point using John Elway's name...on both sides.

-- According to the Thescore.com, the Bucs have a whole one percent chance of making the Super Bowl in the next three years. Only the Giants, Dolphins, Bengals and Broncos (all at one-half percent) are less likely to make the big game.

-- Proof that David Carr was hit in the skull too many times. He says Joe Montana isn't a top 10 quarterback (all-time) because he benefitted "from Bill Walsh's system." After four Super Bowl wins and three Super Bowl MVPs, that's just not controversial. That's stupid. Name me a quarterback in the history of the game who didn't play in a system.

-- By the way, couldn't you dismiss Tom Brady, too. He's played for a genius, too.

-- Will a PED suspension hurt Patrick Peterson's chances of the Hall of Fame. Yes. And it damned well should.

-- LaMar Odom was graphic in how he cheated to pass his drug test during the 2004 Olympics. I'm not going into detail, but it explains what attracted Kloe Kardashian.

-- Turns out, Magic Johnson IS irreplaceable.

-- All in all, I imagine that Manning will find Brad Paisley much easier to work with than Sam Donaldson.

--  It's certainly understandable why Dave Gettleman was fired by the Jets. But I wonder if Gettleman looks around and says "Jason Licht?"

-- Maybe I'm wrong, but does anyone else think that Austin Meadows might be the best. young player (non-pitcher) to come through Tampa Bay since Evan Longoria.

-- Ben Zobrist is getting divorced from his wife Julianna? Just think of all those walk-up songs he could have enjoyed?

-- So if the Jets start with Manning and work their way down through retired quarterbacks, how long before they get to Josh Freeman?


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