Random thoughts: Bucs rank among bad uniforms

by Gary Shelton on April 22, 2018 · 2 comments

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1:30 a.m.

In parting, let's agree the New Jersey Devils were pretty good. They just couldn't score.

-- Which makes you wonder if the Bolts' defense was quite as good as it looked.

-- Something to worry about over the next few days.

-- I like Mike Mayock, and I find it interesting that he ranks the college quarterbacks thusly: 1. Sam Darnold; 2. Josh Allen; 3. Josh Rosen; 4. Baker Mayfield; 5. Lamar Jackson.

-- On a list of bad uniforms, Forthewin.com has the Bucs fourth, behind the Falcons, Jags and your nearby Clown College All-Stars.

-- Former NBA player Matt Barnes said some league coaches and general managers are marijuana users. If he had said NFL general managers take part, I'd think I have discovered the reason for several trades.

-- Quick quiz: In what year will the Tampa Bay Rays make their next playoffs?

-- Evan Mathis sold a Mickey Mantle baseball card for $2.88 million. One question: Where does an Evan Mathis get the money to buy a card that is eventually worth $2.88 million ... even without the gum.

-- Speaking of Mayock, he has his running backs ranked as: 1. Saquon Barkley; 2. Sony Michel; 3. Derrius Guice; 4. Nick Chubb. 5) tie between Ronald Jones and Rashaad Penny.

-- A word of warning: Sean Payton says than in "four or five" years, only Sam Darnold might be left of the quarterbacks in the draft. So why are they stacked and ready to go at the top of the first round?

-- I know that UCF has crossed the border into annoying with all this fiction about winning a national championship. But have you considered that the Knights might not be talking about this nation. American Samoa, maybe. Maybe UCF is the champion of American Samoa.

-- Sammy Watkins says he's an "advanced reptilian solar being." In other words, he's the Geico lizard.

-- CBSsports sees a solid draft ahead for the Bucs with safety Derwin James, tackle Connor Williams and running back Nick Chubb.

-- Also speaking of Mayock. He has his safeties ranked as: 1.) Minkah Fitzpatrick; 2. Derwin James; 3. Ronnie Harrison; 4. Justin Reid; 5. Jesse Bates.

-- Quick quiz: In what year will the Bucs make their next playoffs?

-- I see where Tonya Harding's skating costume from 1992 is for sale, broken bootstrap and all. Her makeup is available in two-pound increments.

-- Interesting thought from fansided.com: It has the Bucs trading backwards for seven to 12 and picking up two third-round picks from the Giants.  With the move back, the Bucs draft Derwin James anyway.

-- I'm not saying Chip Kelly has work to do, but on Saturday UCLA was the first modern football team to be the underdog in its own spring game

-- There will be 256 games played in the NFL this year. In picking the records, however, ESPN has teams winning 289 times. I guess that's why the network isn't named MATH.

-- I wonder how Curt Schilling felt about Justin Verlander's whining about unwritten rules this week. Maybe the two of them could write a book. Or, at least, read one.


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