Random thoughts: Bucs face lesser Cards

by Gary Shelton on September 18, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello, I'm Jameis Winston. And at least the Bucs only have the Arizona Cardinals today. It could be worse. We could have the Louisville Cardinals.

– So it's okay that Katie Ladecky brought home $335,000 in medal bonuses and was fine. But she would have lost her college eligibililty if she accepted a free waffle maker for appearing on The Ellen Show. Yeah, makes sense to me.

– Just wondering: After FSU lost by 43, just how big of a favorite will they be over USF?

– Darren Sharper was nominated for the Hall of Fame. I suppose he would go in the rapists' wing.

– The odd couple? Jose Canseco has volunteered to help Tim Tebow. Shouldn't these two be the devil and the angel on opposite shoulders?

– If Greg Roman was really Roman, this is the part where he would say “Et tu, Rexy?''

– Oops. Louisville just scored again.

– If you're keeping score at home, original protester Tommie Smith is boycotting James Woods' movies, because Woods' protested Colin Kaepernick for “being a dirtbag” for protesting the anthem during NFL games. Got it.

– Hue Jackson said the Browns will win a championship. He did not, however, say in which century.

– George Washington University has fired men's basketball coach Mike Lonergan for verbal abuse. He told one player his son “would always been on food stamps” and told another he was better suited for “a transgender league.” Which is coach speak for “would you please fire me at your earliest convenience.”

– Excuse me. Aren't you the FSU defense? And didn't you used to be a big deal?

– Okay, so Tom Brady has a superstar wife, and you'll never know what that's like. And he's been Super Bowl MVP several times, and he's rich and admired, and he's headed to the Hall of Fame, and you don't know what any of that's like. But, hey, you've had a strawberry, and he hasn't, so you have that going for you.

– So Greg Cosell though Jared Goff and Zach Mettenberger were better prospects than Jameis Winston? I like Greg, but I think he's not watching game film, he's watching Oprah.

– Michael Vick says Lamar Jackson is five times as good as he was. And Jackson's dog is 10 times happier.

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