Looking back at Bucs’ win over Carolina

by Gary Shelton on January 9, 2024

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5 Thoughts

  1. Have you ever seen a fanbase less enthusiastic about winning a division title? How many fans rushed out and bought those new “division champions” t-shirts?

2. If Anthonio Winfield isn’t all-pro, they ought to cancel the game? Wait. They already did that. Maybe they should cancel the hula-hoop competition.

3. Can Todd Bowles get “two-time champion” on his business card?

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4. When you think about Chase McLaughlin and Jake Camarda, it’s fair to say this team kicked its way into whatever success it had.

5. I’m amused when I see pundits like Gerald McCoy admit that Baker Mayfield has earned two more years. Guys, he’s gonna want a standard rich and famous contract. Four or five years, close to stinking rich money.


(From Todd Bowles’ Monday press conference)

(On playing on Monday Night Football for the Wild Card matchup): “Well, either way, it’s the playoffs. It’s going to be tough. We can use the extra day right now. Next week we’re probably [going to] need a couple extra days, but you don’t get to work it that way. We play who we play, we play when we play, and we line up and go.”

(On if he prefers playing a team for the first time in the playoffs as opposed to playing a team they’ve already faced in the regular season): “I don’t think it compares at all. It’s about the same for the most part. It doesn’t compare because we played [the Philadelphia Eagles] so early in the year. We were still growing, [and] I’m sure they were still growing. You know, playoff time is different, it’s one and done, everybody is nicked up, everybody is hurt, it’s just a matter of who makes the most mistakes.”

(On why the offense has slowed down over the last two weeks): “I mean, we played some decent defenses, but when you execute, it goes well. When people get enough film on you, and you keep doing the same thing, you have to change something. We have to switch some things up on both sides of the ball, not just talking offensively, [but] defensively too. But you win a game, however you need to win it. You’re not going to be clicking on all cylinders all the time.”

(On if he’s encouraged that the offense is better now than when they played the Eagles in Week 3): “We’ll do whatever we have to do to win a ballgame. As long as we have one more point than they have, that’s what we are looking for right now. We want to have consistency all the way around, but the object is to win the game by any means necessary.”

(On the progression of OLB Yaya Diaby): “He came into his own. You know, he’s a physical specimen. Obviously, once he got the system down, he started playing loose and playing free. He really got back there, wreaked some havoc, and made some plays. I’m proud of him.”

Game Balls

Offense: No clear winners here, but Chris Godwin had a key catch on the run-out-the-clock drive and surpassed 1,000 yards.

Defense: Antonio Winfield should be the Bucs’ first goal at getting his name on a new contract.

Special teams: McLaughlin hit three field goals for the win.


Quarterback: Yes, Mayfield was hurt. Yes, he fiirted with turnovers. But he finished with one more win than Tom Brady. Grade: C.

Running back: Rachaad White seems to be good at closing drives. Grade: C+.

Offensive line: Not a lot of push, was there? Grade: C-.

Wide receivers: A disappointing day considering how weak the Panthers’ secondary is. Grade: C-.

Defensive line: The Panthers had too much success running the ball (4.6 yards per carry). Grade: C.

Linebackers: Lavonte David was solid, but Devin White had just three tackles. Grade: C.

Secondary: Bryce Young struggled again against the Bucs. Grade: A.

Power Ranking

  1. Baltimore

2.  San Francisco

3. Dallas

4. Detroit

5. Buffalo


17. Tampa Bay

Bottom 5

32. Carolina

31.  Washington

30. Arizona

29. New England

28.  L.A. Chargers

7 Weak Bucs’ playoff teams

1982                     5-4

2022                    8-9

2023                    9-8

2007                     9-7

1981                    9-7

2001                     9-7

2007                      9-7

5 Memorable Playoffs vs. Philly

2002                        W, 27-10

1979                        W, 24-17

2022                        W, 31-15

2001                        L, 9-31

2000                        L, 3-21

NFL Stats

Passing Yards             Baker Mayfield            9           4,044

Rushing Yards             Rachaad White          14              990

Receiving Yards          Mike Evans                   8           1,225

Receiving Yards          Chris Godwin               23          1024

Tackles                         Lavonte David             16           133

5 Best Punting Seasons

Jake Camarda                   2023                         50.1

Jake Camarda                    2022                       48.8

Bryan Anger                       2014                        45.9

Josh Bidwell.                       2006                       45.6

Michael Koenen                 2012                      45.3

Single-Season Field Goal Percentage

(Multiple Kicks)

Chase McLaughlin              2023                 93.5

Connor Barth                      2011                  92.9

Ryan Succop.                     2020                  90.3

Steve Christie                     1990                  85.2

Connor Barth                       2012                 84.8

Matt Bryant                          2007                 84.8

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Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers

Denver Broncos

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New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles

San Francisco 49ers

Washington Commanders


Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Dallas Cowboys

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