Brady returns, but Bucs lose preseason game

by Gary Shelton on August 28, 2022

in general

Sunday, 4 a.m.

If you want to put it in perspective, there is this:

Thank goodness it was Robert Hainsey who was injured instead of Tom Brady.

Yeah, that's why Brady's entrance into the game was so brief. A lot more bad things could have happened than good things. So, while you can argue that Brady missed too much work this training camp while either on vacation or masked singing or whatever, it was good to get him out of the game without him being hit.

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Look, there are two weeks until the season. And Brady will throw more than eight passes in every practice his team has. At 45, you have to feel that he should know the way into the regular season from here.

In the meantime, here's what we saw:

-- Hainsey's ankle injury was the disappointing note of the night. He has a chance to get ready for the opener, but the interior of the Bucs' line wasn't great in the second and third series.

-- The Bucs are dreadful on special teams. Could they tackle even Jaelen Darden?

-- Nice to see Julio Jones catch a 20-yard pass. He might be the secret weapon of the offense.

-- Other offensive contributors were running back Ke'Shawn Vaughn and tight end Cade Otten.

-- No, this team can't make the playoffs if Brady can't play.

-- You have to think the Bucs' scouting department had a good draft when you remember they drafted punter Jake Camardaover Matt Araize and Logan Hall over Devonte Wyatt. They do pay attention to off-the-field problems, don't they?

-- Gee. Do you think the Bucs will play quarterbacks even better than Sam Ehlinger this season?

-- The chances of Jose Borregales making this team appear to be fading wide right.

-- If you're counting, this is the third preseason in which the Bucs were winless. They lost all four games in 1986 and in 1988.

-- Play along with me: Rating the team's wide receivers 1. Mike Evans, 2. Chris Godwin, 3. Russell Gage, 4. Julio Jones, 5. Tyler Johnson, 6. Scotty Miller, 7. Deven Thompkins; 7. Jarrett Sterns; 8. KaylonGeiger; 9. Jaelon Darden.

-- I am willing to be impressed by Logan Hall at any point.


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