Admiring the attack of Rousey on Mayweather

by Gary Shelton on July 19, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hello. I'm Tiger Woods, and I've gone through one more week without getting closer to Jack Nicklaus' record. Now, as for Wilt Chamberlain's record...

– I normally don't care who wins something as silly as an ESPY, but can we give the Fighter of the Year every year to Ronda Rousey. I just want to hear what she says about Floyd Mayweather, who is metaphorically against the ropes and bleeding.

– The best part of DaMaryius Thomas' week wasn't his new $70 million contract. It was that his mom, Katina Smith, got out of prison, where she had been for drug trafficking since he  was 11. No word if that bonus fits the salary cap.

– Did you see a guy paid almost $44,000 for a one of the deflategate footballs? I wonder how much if it was full?

– Hear about the new movie about Lance Armstrong? “In Cold Blood.''

– Was it Taylor Swift who shut the lights out in Washington? Nationals' pitcher Max Scherzer. Who should have added a chorus of “I knew you were trouble...''

– Donovan McNabb, the former Philly quarterback, blamed cough medicine for his DUI charge. Yeah, over vodka, that stuff is potent.

– Tiger Woods has been cut so much, they should make him the body in Operation.

– I see where Bono posed with a Super Bowl ring from the New England Patriots. It's been so long since the Bucs won, I think it was Buddy Holly who posed with theirs.

– I wonder what Caitlyn Jenner thinks of Floyd Mayweather?

– Did you notice that The Kardiac Kids, who are now Grumpy Old Men, got together over the weekend? Sadly, Sam Rutligliano wasn't there to make another stupid call to celebrate the moment.

– Wow. Michigan State got $90 million less than Michigan did from Nike. New slogan: “Just kinda do it if you feel like it.''

– Hear about the new movie about the FSU football coach and his place in the game?
“The Fisher King."

– Would that be the Air Mikan edition?

– The Sporting News ranked the best three quarterbacks of each franchise. The Bucs fanchise was 28th, and the selections were Doug Williams, Brad Johnson...and Josh Freeman. I guess Jack Thompson was busy.

– By the way, the Ravens list had Vinny Testaverde second and Trent Dilfer third. Feel free to point and laugh.

– Done? Byron Leftwich was second on the Jaguars list.

– No, Bruce Gradkowski didn't make it. I demand a recount (if I don't have to watch him again).

– I wonder what Donald Trump thinks about the Chicago Black Sox. Not really, I just want him to talk about something that doesn't matter.

– Bill Arnsparger, about as good an argument as there is for an assistant coach making the NFL Hall of Fame, passed away this weekend. I still remember when Arnsy was the athletic director at Florida and the team fired Galen Hall. “Don't be talking to our players,'' he said. “This is none of their business.'' Huh? Goodnight, Bill.

– Former Eagles' wide receiver Terrell Owens says he didn't play the game to get into the Hall of Fame. All together now: “Good thing.''

– Do you think that Bill Belichick will make the Hall of Fame, honestly? Or another way?

– I watched the Rowdies Saturday night, and to sum it up for you, they played a bunch of guys not named Freddy Adu. Back to you, Bob.

– Hear about the new Tonya Harding movie? “Unforgiven.''

– Evidently, some fan threw a cup of urine at Tour de France leader Chris Froome. Is he sure? It could have just been French beer.

– Poor Pele. He had back surgery, evidently from carrying Sylvester Stallone in that Victory movie all those years ago.

– This just in from Nick Saban: “ And the sun got into Alabama's eyes. And the grass was too tall. And a third-team long snapper was hurt.''

– Maybe it's just me, but I think Tiger Woods will win another golf tournament just after Elvis Presley cuts another album.

– I don't know what it would take for America to forgive Lance Armstrong, but I think Caitlyn Jenner may have a clue.

– Show of hands. If O.J. Simpson wasn't busy, oh, doing time in prison, how many of you think he would be on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

– Mike Tyson says he sees Ronda Rousey and thinks of himself. Speaking on behalf of the rest of us, Mike, you really did take some shots to the head, didn't you?

– Evidently, Steve Spurrier ruffled some feathers up on Rocky Top when he suggested that Tennessee “was doing backflips'' over a 7-6 finish. That's just not true, and quick. Can we postpone that 7-6 parade?

– Hear about the new Warren Sapp movie? Trainwreck.

–  Comedian D.L. Hughley compared Caitlyn Jenner to Mrs. Doubtfire. “She looks like every P.E. Teacher I ever had.'' Oh. Duck!

--Another ranking is out. USA Today says Jameis Winston is the 27th best quarterback in the NFL with a grade of 7.0. Former Buc Josh McCown is 29th at 6.8. Gee. Wouldn't you think for all those millions, there would be more than 0.2 of a difference.

– Think of it like this: If Tom Brady's suspension is reduced as much as Greg Hardy's, the league is going to owe him two games.

– As a guy who had to cover NFL replacement players, I'm not happy with the new Colonel Sanders. And if they come up with a new Speedy Alka-Seltzer, Jolly Green Giant  or Mr. Clean, I'm leaving.

– Assuming Auburn gives up any first downs at all this year, should Will Muschamp give change?

– Hear about the new Fallon Fox super-hero movie? Aunt-Man.

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