Looking ahead to Bucs-Chiefs Super Bowl

by Gary Shelton on February 7, 2021

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Brady has to play well for the Bucs to succeed./(Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers via AP)

5 Thoughts

  1. With the interviews being virtual this week, I'm wondering what the loons did to keep themselves busy. Usually, they show up in droves for the Super Bowl Media Day, wearing costumes and wedding dresses and trying hard to get attention with silly questions. It's like watching the Village People with tape recorders.

2. As a league, the NFL seems to lag by about one season. So I'd expect Eric Bieniemy and Todd Bowles to get head coaching jobs next year, and Byron Leftwich the year after that.

3. How many of these type of seasons does Tom Brady need to make the Bucs' Ring of Honor? Or is one enough?

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Arians wants to see consistency from his team./ (Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers via AP)

4. Other Ring of Honor candidates who will dress Sunday for the Bucs: Mike Evans, Lavonte David, Shaq Barrett and Bruce Arians.

5. Most likely free agent to leave the Bucs? I'd say Antonio Brown, even though he's been a solid player for the team. Brown will want a lot of money at the Bucs' deepest position, and Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson could use the extra playing time.

5 Intriguing Matchups

  1. Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill vs. Tampa Bay cornerback Carlton Davis III.

2. Tampa Bay defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul vs. Kansas City tackle Mike Remmers.

3. Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady vs. Kansas City safety Tyrann Mathieu.

3. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes vs. Tampa Bay linebacker Devin White..

4. Tampa Bay tackle Donovan Smith vs. Kansas City defensive end Frank Barnes.

5. Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce vs. Tampa Bay safety Antoine Winfield.

Top Jersey Sales

(Through November 1)

  1. Tom Brady, Bucs

2. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

20. Rob Gronkowski, Bucs

29. Travis Kelce, Chiefs

46. Mike Evans, Bucs

5 Chiefs Who Could be Game MVP

  1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Travis Kelce

3 Tyreek Hill

4. Clyde Edwards-Helaire

5. Tyrann Mathieu

5 Bucs Who Could Be Game MVP

  1. Tom Brady

2. Chris Godwin

3. Devin White

4. Shaq Barrett

5. Mike Evans

5 Great Bucs

  1. Derrick Brooks

2. Lee Roy Selmon

3. Warren Sapp

4. Ronde Barber

5. John Lynch

5 Great Chiefs

  1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Willie Lanier

3. Buck Buchanan

4. Bobby Bell

5. Derrick Thomas

5 Reasons for Picking the Bucs

  1. Tom Brady

2. Shaq Barrett-Jason Pierre-Paul

3. Mike Evans-Chris Godwin

4. Devin White-Lavonte David

5. Todd Bowles

5 Reasons for Picking the Chiefs

  1. I picked the Saints.

2. I picked the Packers. I'm on a roll.

3. The Chiefs beat the snot out of the Bucs in the first half of their earlier game.

4. The Bucs' secondary scares me.

5. Running quarterbacks drive the Bucs crazy.

Top 5 Bucs Coaches

  1. Tony Dungy.

2. Jon Gruden

3. Bruce Arians

4. John McKay

5. Sam Wyche

Top 5 Chiefs Coaches

  1. Andy Reid

2. Hank Stram

3. Marty Schottenheimer

4. Dick Vermiel

5. Marv Levy

Bottom 5 Bucs Coaches.

  1. Leeman Bennett

2. Richard Williamson

3. Ray Perkins

4. Lovie Smith

5. Raheem Morris

5 Cool Things to do in Kansas City

  1. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

2. Joe's Barbecue.

3. Arrowhead Stadium

4. Union Station

5. Arabia Steamboat Museum

5 Cool Things to do in Tampa Bay

  1. Pass-a-Grille beach.

2. Kojak's.

3. Busch Gardens

4. Ybor City

5. Florida Holocost Museum.

Bucs' Awards

MVP - Tom Brady

Defensive Player of the Year -- Devin White

Rookie of the Year -- Tristan Wirfs

Most Improved - Ronald Jones II

Man of the Year - Mike Evans

Offensive Matchups

Quarterback: Not many quarterbacks were better than Tom Brady this season. Patrick Mahomes was. Hey, no one beats Brady's resume, but if you're judging from right now, the edge goes to Mahomes. Edge: Chiefs.

Receivers: Hill, the Cheetah, may be the most feared player in either secondary. Sure, the combination of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin is lethal. But don't sleep on Kansas City's Mecole Hardman. Edge: Chiefs.

Line: The Chiefs are beaten up. They'll battle hard, but the Bucs' unit has had a strong post-season. Edge: Bucs.

Running back: Ronald Jones was better (barely) than Clyde Williams-Helair, but Lawrence Fournette's post-season ascension gives his team a slight edge. Often, either team is doing the defense a favor when it runs. Edge: Bucs.

Tight end: Tight ends drive the Bucs' crazy, and Travis Kelce gives everyone fits. Rob Gronkowski has had a great career, but Kelce gets the top spot. Edge: Chiefs.

Defensive Matchups

Interior line: Both teams are better than you'd think, but the more Vita Vea can play, the better the Bucs are. Edge: Bucs.

Defensive end-Outside linebackers: This Bucs' Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaq Barrett are playing well. Combine that with a hurting Chiefs line. Edge: Bucs.

Inside linebacker: No one in the league is better than Lavonte David and Devin White. Edge: Bucs.

Cornerbacks: In the first meeting, all the Bucs' corners saw of Tyreek Hill was his back as he ran away from them. They'll be better, but will they be good enough? Edge: Chiefs.

Safeties: Everyone knows about Tyrann Mathieu, but don't sleep on Daniel Sorenson, the team's leading tackler. It's hard to tell how much injuries might affect the Bucs. Edge: Chiefs.

5 More Great Chiefs

  1. Len Dawson

2. Tony Gonzalez

3. Christian Okoye

4. Emmitt Thomas

5. Jan Stenerud

5 More Great Bucs

  1. Simeon Rice

2. Brad Johnson

3. Mike Alstott

4. Paul Gruber

5. Batman Wood

5 Less-than-Great Bucs

  1. Booker Reese

2. Sabby Piscitelli

3. Jack Thompson

4. Brett Morentz

5. Rod "Toast" Jones

5 Top Scoring Super Bowl Teams (Regular Season)

The Bucs are averaging 30.7 points per game, second in the NFL. The Chiefs are at 29.5, which is fifth. But history isn't kind to high-scoring Super Bowl teams. Of the top 20 highest scoring offenses ever, 10 have played in the Super Bowl. Nine have lost. The Top Five:

  1. 2013 Denver 37.9 Lost to Seattle

2. 2007 New England 36.8 Lost to N.Y. Giants

3. 2015 Atlanta Falcons 33.8 Lost to New England

4. 1983 Washington Redskins 33.8 Lost to Raiders

5. 1967 Oakland Raiders 33.4 Lost to Green Bay

5 Predictions

Game MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Over-under: 48.

First touchdown: Travis Kelce.

Leading Rusher: Ronald Jones II.

Game Prediction: Chiefs 27-21.

5 More Thoughts

  1. How different do you think the Pro Bowl vote would be if it happened today? Remember, the Bucs had one selection. Of their competition in the playoffs, Kansas City had seven, Green Bay had seven, New Orleans had five and Washington had seven. If I'm Lavonte David, Devin White or Ali Marpet, I'm demanding a recount.

2. Right now, some of you are wondering how good this Tampa Bay team would be if you could combine this year's offense with the 2002 defense. Alas, what we usually see is this team's defense and the 2002 offense.

3. A good start in Sunday's game would be nice.

4. I'll say it again. Don't underestimate the Glazers' willingness to go to the hip as a key factor for all of this. There have been seasons when we wondered why the Bucs wouldn't spend, but this year, they've paid gladly. And it's been a bargain.

5. Maybe the problem with all of those failed quarterbacks and coaches was this: They weren't old enough.

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