Looking back on the Bucs’ win over the Cardinals

by Gary Shelton on November 12, 2019 · 0 comments

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Barber scores the winning touchdown against Cards./TIM WIRT

Tuesday, 4 a.m.


  1. I know everyone is still slightly ticked off at Matt Gay, but if you give him a chance, you'll admit he's having a good season. The kid's kicked 19 of 22 field goals this season, which will erase a lot of the Roberto Aguayo memories. Maybe some of the Mirro Roder ones, too.

2. Say what you want about Jamel Dean's Clueless in Seattle afternoon, but he was money Sunday. Does anyone else remember Ronde Barber's first game? He was torched by Arizona's Rob Moore, embarrassed to the point you never thought he'd be able to play. And he's on the porch of the Hall of Fame.

3. Because the Buc were out of challenges, Shaq Barrett lost a sack Sunday. Tyler Murray's knee was clearly down on an imcomplete pass, or Barrett would be clearly ahead in the sack lead.

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Jones loses a fumble on a late-game run./TIM WIRT

4. Good thing Jameis Winston isn't a knife thrower. It would be murder on his assistants.

5. Advice to Vernon Hargreaves: Fans can live with a corner getting beaten. They can live with a pass interference call on fourth-and-five. They can live with a missed tackle. But when your coach calls you out for a lack of hustle? It's time to check the departure times of flights out of town.

Arians watches a replay on the big screen./TIM WIRT


(From Bruce Arians' Monday press conference)

(On reflections from the game):  "I thought the last five minutes of the last five games came the other way. This time, it went our way. We made the plays. Jamel Dean (received the) game ball. (He) studied an extra hour every day last week with Todd [Bowles] to get ready. He knew that play was coming [and] made the play. Jameis (Winston), two weeks in a row now has taken us the length of the field to win or tie a ball game and that’s the growth you’re looking for. (We were) not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We got lucky – the Tampa sunshine helped us a little bit. We let a guy go on (fourth-and-1]) and the sun got in his eyes and he dropped it. (It’s) about time we got a break.”

(On the success of the two-minute offense recently): "We’ve been outstanding at half all year. Last week, with 40 seconds – this week, with a minute. That touchdown was huge after we gave up one and to take that lead back before the half [was big]. To me, that’s how you judge NFL quarterbacks – can they play in that situation? Forget the rest. Can they play in that? Right now, Jameis [Winston] – I don’t know of anybody playing better in two-minute in the last three or four weeks."

(On what has allowed Winston to be good with time running out): "I think his confidence. Knowing what you’re doing, first of all, trusting the guys around you (and) putting in the time to know what you’re going to see. Is this team a blitz team, is it a Cover 2 – what do they do in two-minute? Are they a Tampa 2 team? So, have some preconceived notions of where this ball might go in two-minute. I think the running game really helped. We popped Peyton [Barber] out there and I can’t say enough about Peyton in that fourth quarter. I thought he had a great fourth quarter. That touchdown run wasn’t as easy as it looked, even though Vita [Vea] did knock down three guys. I actually watched Vita’s high school running back tape today just in case – it’s pretty impressive.”

(On the defense forcing turnovers): "I can’t say enough about our sudden-change defense – we were three out of four. I think Lavonte (David’s) play turned the whole game. We turned it over [and] he takes it away. That’s a play probably four guys can make in this league, and he’s obviously one of them. Then, the second one when Jamel (Dean) makes that interception. I think when you turn it over and we take it back, (those are) huge confidence builders."

(On the future of Jameis Winston): "It’s an ongoing process for me. The good, the bad, the ugly – you put it all together. Two-minute is huge when you can take your team at the end of the half and go get a touchdown in a minute [or the] end of a game. We didn’t do it [against San Francisco], but now we’ve done it for a few weeks. You don’t really want to get that situation in your first game. I see that growth. I see him throwing balls away. The guy made a really good play on the first pick. I think we could’ve run a better route, but that was where to go with the ball. Same thing with the second one. So, I just see growth. I see growth as a leader [and] I see growth as a quarterback.”

Evans enjoys his pregame with fans./TIM WIRT

5 of the Best Takes

"Jamel Dean was a star for the Bucs’ defense even if he likely committed an uncalled pass interference on the final play of the game. Dean had two other targets that he broke up with some well-timed plays on the ball, and he also had the first interception on Kyler Murray since Week 4. There was one pass in which the receiver he was covering actually made a catch, but Dean tackled him for a loss of two yards."

-- Pro Football Focus

"Vita Vea continued his strong sophomore season with another great game, specifically his run defense. Vea at times seems unblockable, just tossing offensive linemen out of his way so he can make a play on the running back. He isn’t useless rushing the passer, either. He picked up a batted pass to go along with multiple pressures when rushing the passer."

-- Pro Football Focus 

"Jameis Winston ended the day with solid numbers but this wasn’t a great game by him. He started off the game with a really bad interception on the first drive of the game and didn’t really improve from there. He was extremely hit and miss any time he had to push the ball downfield, and over half of his yards came from his receivers making plays after the catch."

-- Pro Football Focus 

"While Winston struggled, Mike Evans did all he possibly could to make him look good, as he often does. He showed off his absurd catch radius on Sunday with a handful of impressive catches deep down the field. While he only had four catches, he was open a lot more on plays that Winston couldn’t get him the ball. He still averaged almost 20 yards per catch and picked up several first downs."

-- Pro Football Focus

"One win does not make a season, but this was the kind of game in which the Buccaneers did not truly win but the Cardinals lost. With that four-point lead and under 5-minutes remaining, this was the kind of scenario from which good teams find ways to win. Instead here in central Florida, it was the less marginal team that captured that essence."

-- Mark Brown, Arizona Republic

Gay celebrates with two thumbs up./TIM WIRT

Game Balls

Offense: Can you give half a game ball to Winston? No? Okay, then let's give it to Chris Godwin. Godwin didn't gain as many yards as Mike Evans, but his final-drive catch set the Bucs up for the win.

Defense: For the second straight week, Jamel Deal had four passes broken up. His interception was a 14-point swing for the Bucs, and he broke up the game's final pass.

Special Teams: Matt Gay scored 12 points, including three field goals (one thanks to a penalty) and three extra points.

Jones scored early for Tampa Bay./TIM WIRT


Quarterback; Psychologists would have a field day debating Winston, who always has a lot of yards and a lot of turnovers. But ask yourself. How else are the Bucs moving the ball? Grade: C+.

Running backs: Both Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber had their moments. Not enough of them, but some. Grade: C.

Offensive line: The line gives up too many sacks and doesn't get enough push in the run. Still, they broke even. Grade: C.

Defensive line: The pass rush improved as the game went on. Shaq Barrett is awake again. Grade; B.

Linebackers. Lavonte David continues to star. He had eight tackles, Devin White had six. Grade: B+.

Secondary: Yes, Dean was solid. But the rest of the secondary couldn't find receivers. Grade: D-.

Kicking: Solid. A team can win with kicking like this. Grade: B+.

Dean celebrates with What after interception./TIM WIRT

Unsung Heroes

  1. Start with Dean, a backup until two games ago. His interception was the biggest play of the game.

2. M.J. Stewart had eight tackles.

3. Ndamuking Suh had a sack and two quraterback hits.

4. Dare Ogunbowale caught three passes for 24 yards.

5. Punter Bradley Pinson averaged 47.3 yards, and two of his three kicks were inside the 20.

  1. Vernon Hargreaves doesn't make a lot of plays, but he usually isn't cited for a lack of hustle by his head coach.

2. Ryan Smith gave up a 69-yard touchdown pass. It was a tough day.

3. Sean Murphy-Bunting had a tough day, as well.

4. Demar Dotson, at one time, was the Bucs' best offensive lineman. Injuries and age have slowed him.

5. Scott Miller dropped a touchdown pass.

Evans was big all day for Tampa Bay./TIM WIRT


Mike Evans Chris Godwin

54 Catches 60

924 Yards 840

17.1 Average 14.0

7 Touchdowns 6

44 First Downs 44

Godwin watches a Cardinals' interception./TIM WIRT

Most ReceIving Yada Through Nine Bucs Games

Rank         Player (Season)                                            Rec. Yards

1.              Mike Evans (2019)                                             924

2.              Joey Galloway (2005)                                          862

3.              Chris Godwin (2019)                                          840

4.              Mike Evans (2018)                                              837

5.              Keyshawn Johnson (2001)                                   834

Evans has had plenty to smile about./TIM WIRT

Most Bucs' Receptions Through Nine Games

Rank         Player (Season)                                            Receptions

1.              Keyshawn Johnson (2001)                                   71

2.              Chris Godwin (2019)                                           60

3.              Mike Evans (2016)                                               59

4.              Mike Evans (2019)                                              54

5.              James Wilder (1982)                                            53

Winston had turnovers early, but won the game./TIM WIRT

Winston Stats

Yardage 3

TDs 7

Interceptions 1

First Downs 2

Rating 44

Barrett should have gotten a sack on this play, but it was ruled incomplete./TIM WIRT

Bucs' Sacks Through Nine Games

  1. Shaquile Barrett (2019( 11.5

2.              Simeon Rice (2003)                                            11.0

3.              Warren Sapp (2000)                                           10.5

4.              Marcus Jones (2000)                                          10.0

5.              Santana Dotson (1992)                                        9.0

David leads the Bucs in tackles./TIM WIRT

Random Stats

Sacks Shaquile Barrett 1 (tie)

FG pct. Matt Gay 14

Rushing Ronald Jones 32

Punting Bradley Pinson 24

Tackles Lavonte David 21

Pierre-Paul reacts to the crowd./TIM WIRT

Power Rankings

NBCsports.com 25

Sporting News 24

Fansided 22

Heavy.com 22

Lineups.com 25

Vea wallops Arizona's Drake./TIM WIRT

Bucs' Mock Draft

NBCsports.com 8. Isaiah Simmons, S, Clemson

CBSsports.com 8 Tua Tagpvailoa, QB, Alabama

Drafttek 9 Tristan Wirfs, T, Iowa

Waterfootball.com 8 Gramt Delpit, S, LSU

Sporting News 8 Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State

Winston had his first comeback in a year./TIM WIRT

5 Closing Thoughts

  1. Everywhere I turn, I hear how the Saints are going to crush the Bucs because "they're really mad" after losing to Atlanta. Hey, the Saints are a fine team, and they may well bully the Bucs. But it won't be because of anger. If losing made a team mad, the Bucs would be ready to invade China by now.

2. It's hard to get too upset at Jason Pierre-Paul for his sideline shouting match. Isn't this game supposed to be about passion?

3. Wouldn't it be better for Bruce Arians to make an obscene gesture at the officials instead of wasting a time-out? Just asking.

4. The Saints do a nice job covering him, but Mike Evans should pass 1,000 yards sometime Sunday. To pull off an upset, they may need him to get to 1,100.

5. If you took one player off the field, who would change the Bucs' record the most? I say Evans. After that, I say David.

Howard had a good game for Tampa Bay./TIM WIRT

Looking Ahead

5 Best Saints

1. Drew Brees

2. Rickey Jackson

3. Willie Roaf

4. Archie Manning

5. Chuck Muncie

Is Brees ready for the Bucs?/JEFFREY S. KING

Favorite Saints

1. Archie Manning

2. Drew Brees

3. Doug Atkins

4. Danny Abramowicz

5. Tom Dempsey

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