Meyer to FSU rumor is all hooey

by Gary Shelton on October 22, 2019 · 0 comments

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Could Taggart face a buyout?/ANDREW J. KRAMER

Tuesday, 4 a.m.

I love rumors. I mean it. If I were still single, I would ask rumors out on a date.

I love the ones that suggest that John Wayne was on the grassy knoll, and that we faked the Moon Landing, and that Brad and Angie are secretly Russian spies.

Then there is this one.

Urban Meyer to Florida State.

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I love this rumor. Oh, I don't believe it for a second. It's one of those connect-the-dots-rumors that doesn't sound like it came from a real source but from from a blogger's imagination. Let's see. A once-proud football power has fallen on hard times, and therefore it will reach out to the most attractive coaching name out there. The fact that Meyer used to coach across state makes it even more delicious.

But it isn't happening. And the whole world (except for said blogger) knows it.

For one thing, it would cost FSU, a school with limited funds (most are) a fortune to pay Willie Taggart not to coach. The last number seems to be $17 million. Now, I can understand the urge not to watch Taggart lose any more, but not for that price.

Then there is this. You'd have to pay another fortune to Ohio State to buy Meyer out. According to reports, that 's $10 million if it happens before January 31 of next year and $4.8 million if it's afterward.

Then you'd have to pay Meyer himself.

Then you'd have to pay his staff.

So what are we talking? $45 million or so? More?

And who knows if Meyer even wants the job?

Remember, this is Easy-Way Urban, the guy who coaches where he has his advantages. When he went to Florida, he had a great deal of advantage (money, alumni, history, facilities). When he went to Ohio State, he had even more. Urban isn't a from-the-ground-up guy. The guess is that he'd rather go to a ready made school like Southern Cal or, if it were to come open, Oklahoma.

Then there is this: Would FSU even want Meyer? Remember his record of players and their arrests? Remember when he suggested that he wouldn't tolerate a player like Jameis Winston the way FSU had done (even though Meyer's entire career is about tolerance).

Hey, when Meyer was at. Florida, he drove FSU fans crazy.

So now, in the name of winning, are the Seminoles supposed to decide that Meyer is their kind of guy, after all.

Look, before it is over, you will see a lot of names connected with the FSU job. And you'll see Meyer's name linked with the very best ones.

But FSU? And Meyer?

I'll believe that Michael Jackson was Batman first.

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