Winning is good, and other Bucs’ lessons

by Gary Shelton on August 19, 2019 · 0 comments

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Arians enjoyed winning with Bucs./TIM WIRT

Monday, 3 a.m.

It doesn't matter who the coach is. It doesn't matter who the quarterback is. It doesn't matter what time of season it is.

Winning is never a bad thing.

Just ask new Bucs' coach Bruce Arians, who recorded his first win with the team on Friday night against Miami.

"(It was a) good start to the week," Arians said Sunday. "The film showed exactly what I thought it would. I thought there were really good things on the film from the other night. Obviously, when you’re put in game-winning situations and your young players perform,

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Gay seems to be winning the kicking competiton./TIM WIRT

you’re proud of them, and they did exactly that. I was not happy with the defense giving up a touchdown, but (I was happy with) the offense responding and Matt (Gay) making the field goal. I think overall, the first group was pretty solid – we had one big mental error that cost us the drive, with a new protection that we put in, and we turned a guy loose – but other than that, I thought it was pretty solid."

The Bucs play Cleveland in their final home preseason game Friday night.

On other subjects, Arians said:

(On if the team could carry four tight ends): "We (the coaching staff) have a bunch of times (seasons), because we’re a two-tight end offense. It depends who the fourth tight end or fifth corner – all those guys that come in from 48 [players] to 53 [players]. One’s got to beat out the other one and special teams usually decides."

(On what improvements Tanner Hudson has to make): "The blocking and the special teams has to pick up to beat out that other guy, whether it’s the fifth linebacker or fifth corner – whoever it is – on special teams."

On what Breshad Perriman has to show: "Nothing, he doesn’t have to show me anything – he showed me everything I need to see. He’s fast, he’s big, he can catch, he’ll block – (he’s) doing everything that we are asking of him and he has a major role right now."

(On if he likes being able to challenge pass interference calls): "I love the ability to correct their mistake. The flag was thrown, he gets talked out of it – it’s obvious, so you throw the flag because you know you’re going to win and keep your challenge – so, yeah, that would’ve been a field goal instead of a touchdown drive on a mistake by a back judge who called him off."

(On the offensive line depth): "It’s still something we’re looking at, whether it’s on somebody else’s team or our team. You guys have got to realize there’s 31 other teams out there, so don’t count numbers on our team because there’s other guys on that waiver wire. They’re picking it up, they’re getting better."

(On if OLB Shaquil Barrett has a chance to make a name for himself on this defense) "Yeah, Shaq  – he’s a good sack player [and] he’s a good pass rusher. That’s what he excels at, so that’s kind of his role right now, to be in that situation, so yeah, he does."

(On the contract extension of Jason Licht): "I’m surprised it just got out. It was huge for me because I trust him, I respect him and he’s the reason I’m here.”

(On if his wide receiver depth has progressed): "Yeah, Scotty (Miller) needs to get back out there – he’s missing valuable time, but we don’t want him before he’s ready. (DaMarkus) Lodge is getting back out there. We claimed Emanuel Hall, who I liked coming out of the draft. Snelly (Spencer Schnell) has done a good job, A.J. (Anthony Johnson) has done a good job – those guys are battling for that fifth spot. Bobo [Wilson] is having a heck of a camp. We’ve kind of limited him – he’s was playing three positions, now he’s playing one and he’s excelling at it.”


(On if Justin Watson has the fourth wide receiver spot solidified): "No, I would not say that.”






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